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Thu 29 Mar 2018 10:02 AM

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The evolution of employee experience measurement

Brand View: Aon's Best Employer organisations understand the importance of continuous listening

The evolution of employee experience measurement
Aon's Best Employer organisations understand the importance of continuous listening

Imagine you are an athlete. Think about all the training necessary to achieve elite status. Consider the constant monitoring of your health, speed, strength, and other measures of performance readiness.

There would be a constant flow of information that would help you, your coaches, and advisors know exactly what is optimised and what needs improvement.

Now imagine you are CEO of a company that aspires to be elite. You would probably want the same type of information flow to determine the performance readiness of the organisation. Most organisations have this in place to monitor their financial fitness and performance, but few have it in place for monitoring the employee experience. That is both a risk and opportunity for organisations that want to maintain elite status or ones that want to move to Best Employer status.

Is an annual snapshot an accurate picture?

While employers have embraced the idea of employee engagement, their strategy for improvement has been heavily influenced by the annual employee survey: Ask the same questions once a year, look at the responses, and hope for the best when the next survey cycle rolls around.

This is the equivalent of someone seeing their physician to get their annual physical. It’s good information. It can help them make healthier decisions, but it would definitely be insufficient for a world-class athlete.

Organisations need to gather feedback more frequently across the employee lifecycle.

There are a handful of emerging trends that are driving organisations to act more like elite performers. Evolving employee expectations, as well as a quicker speed of business, require employers to completely change the way they think about keeping employees engaged and understanding the employee experience.

Aon’s Best Employer organisations understand the importance of continuous listening – the gathering of different kinds of feedback across the employee lifecycle and at much more frequent intervals than the old annual employee survey. Collecting feedback about specific experiences and incidents, offers leaders a range of perspectives built around variable content and timing, depending on where employees are in the employee lifecycle.

Rather than trying to apply the same questions to the same population without context every year, organizations can get much more accurate perspectives,  of how effective, say, their onboarding practices are for new joiners, their employees’ reasons for leaving or their employees’ change readiness.

Does your organisation aspire to be an elite performer? Start your Best Employers Journey today.

Aon’s Best Employers Middle East program offers a unique opportunity for your organisation to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to your people. The study identifies best-in-class people practices through which a shortlist of companies are identified and accredited as Best Employers. The program has been designed to benefit all participating organisations regardless of where your engagement levels currently sit by:

• Allowing you to benchmark against other Best Employers to make informed decisions about your people priorities

• Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your people practices

• Strengthening your employer brand to build a talent pipeline

• Providing action oriented consultation to help you improve engagement.

To find out more, visit

Dima Dimashkieh is Consultant with Aon Middle East

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