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Fri 23 Jan 2009 11:52 AM

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Inexperienced drivers cause 89% of Dubai crashes

Emirate's police chief calls on driving examiners to ensure learners are up to task.

Dubai's police chief has called on driving examiners in the emirate to toughen up on standards after revealing that 89 percent of crashes were caused by new-licence motorists.

Major General Dahi Tamim urged driving institutes to ensure that those issued with driving licences are up to the task of driving in the city.

“Eighty-nine people who caused the accidents have a short driving experience,” he said in comments published by UAE daily The National on Friday.

“It seems that the driving institutes feel that there is not enough monitoring of them.”

Tamim also revealed that drivers under 30 years old were responsible for almost half the deaths on Dubai’s roads last year. A total of 132 drivers between the age of 18-29 were at fault for death crashes.

The number of people killed in 2008 fell by 12 percent – to 294 from 332 the previous year – more than a third of accidents on the city’s roads were caused by drivers who had held their licence for less than two years, according to new figures released.

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Ted 10 years ago

Major General Dahi Tamim may want to consider another reason for the number of accidents... Maybe there isn't enough policing of the drivers on the road. Speed camera's will only photo speeding cars. Who polices the rampant reckless driving occurring on the roads daily?

gordon 10 years ago

I would like to see a statistic which covers the number of people who died were not wearing seat belts, or were on the mobile telephone. I also find it strange when most cars have blue tooth, you still see people holding mobile phones. I have however noticed that the driving in Dubai has improved a lot over the last couple of years. So the tactics being used by the traffic police appear to be having an affect. Gordon

Juleka 10 years ago

The number of accidents in Dubai are not just by inexperienced drivers, it is mostly the impatient drivers who cant follow driving rules and disciplines. Siting in a 4 wheel drive or an expensive car such as BMW, lexus makes people think that the road is owned by them and they drive a jet. Impatient drivers unable to move in the traffic just keep changing lanes without indicators, jumping on signals and scaring the co-drivers .... a lot like this. Experiencing it on my every day drive, I take extra precautions so that no one causese accident to me.

jenny 10 years ago

what about the emiratis (young and old) who drive like maniacs and get away with it because they can? what about the taxi drivers who get licenses only because there is a need for taxis in the city? what about the drivers who get licenses because of good old wasta? what is being done about them?

Ejaz 10 years ago

This is very true as people do not follow basic road rules or don't have basic road sense. That goes for expensive cars as well as the taxis, any given day you will find many cars tailgating, smaller cars like Yaris, minibuses driven like race cars at very high speed some time racing with BMWs, without thinking what if they need to apply brakes, people are more concern about their rights as to who will turn first than their safety. It just remind me the way i used to ride, when i first learned to ride bicycle, and learned my lesson after a nasty fall.

Jeff Bustlethwaite 10 years ago

Surely having some traffic police on the roads now and then, actively pulling over bad drivers, would have a more lasting impact? Regardless of how long someone has a licence, there is no police presence whatsoever on the roads, which lets people think they can get away, literally, with murder.

adnan 10 years ago

Yes I Agree that the numbers of accidents are increased as compared to last few years. Its not that all the people are responsible. There are some people who are just crazy and overconfident about their driving specially the youth they just caused these accidents and when they find there is no police on the they just become and start racing on the busy road I have seen many of people who do this and causes many accidents so I think police should be present on the road because they can only deduced the number of accidents