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Wed 9 Nov 2011 07:46 AM

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Iran sought mini nuclear bomb design to fit missiles

IAEA report suggest Iran wants nuclear capability, Tehran says evidence is forged

Iran sought mini nuclear bomb design to fit missiles
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Tehran has said data in the IAEA report is forged

Iran sought to miniaturize a Pakistani nuclear weapon design
to fit on its ballistic missiles and continued working to raise the potential
power of the weapons at least until 2010, United Nations inspectors reported
today, citing “credible” intelligence from more than 10 countries.

Iran carried out “work on the development of an indigenous
design of a nuclear weapon including the testing of components,” the
International Atomic Energy Agency said Tuesday in a 15-page restricted
document. “Some activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive
device continued after 2003” and “some may still be ongoing.”

The document, drawing on eight years of collected evidence,
shows that Iran worked to redesign and miniaturize a Pakistani nuclear-weapon
design by using a web of front companies and foreign experts, according to the
report and an international official familiar with the IAEA’s investigation.

Such a warhead could be mounted on Iran’s Shahab-3 missile,
which has the range to reach Israel, according to the report.

“It is time for an unequivocal declaration that we will stop
Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability - by peaceful means if we
possibly can, but with military force if we absolutely must,” said Senator Joe
Lieberman, a Connecticut independent.

The IAEA’s conclusion that Iran continued weapons work until
at least until last year clashes with U.S. intelligence estimates that Tehran’s
government stopped pursuing a nuclear bomb in 2003. Until now, atomic
inspectors had only voiced concerns publicly about the “possible existence” of
weapons work in Iran. The new analysis is likely to heighten international
pressure on Iran.

The IAEA report “could increase the risk of a military
attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities” and therefore “justified a certain risk
premium on the price of oil,” Commerzbank wrote today in a research note.

Iran worked on high explosives design and the development of
a neutron generator, the part of an atomic bomb that generates a nuclear chain
reaction, according to the senior official.

 “Iran embarked on a
four year program, from around 2006 onwards, on the further validation of the
design of this neutron source,” the IAEA report said, citing one member state
that shared information with inspectors.

The IAEA also revealed details of “large-scale high
explosives” experiments conducted near Marivan in 2003. The experiments, which
drew on technology shared by a Russian nuclear scientist, would have helped
Iran calibrate the explosive impact of a bomb’s uranium core, according to the

“The information comes from a wide variety of independent
sources, including from a number of member states, from the agency’s own
efforts and from information provided by Iran itself,” the report said.

Iran has told IAEA inspectors that evidence used against the
Gulf country was forged.

It is the first time that the IAEA has published a
comprehensive analysis of Iran’s nuclear-weapons work. Data before 2003 is more
comprehensive than information seen thereafter, according to the senior
official. The Vienna-based agency shared a copy of the information with Iranian
authorities before the report was published, the official said.

Iran increased its supply of 20 percent-enriched uranium to
73.7 kilograms from 70.8 kilograms reported in September at a pilot nuclear
facility in Natanz about 300km south of Tehran, the IAEA said. Iran has
produced 4,922 kilograms of uranium enriched to less than 5 percent compared
with 4,543 kilograms in the last IAEA report.

About 630 kilograms of low-enriched uranium, if further
purified, could yield the 15 kilograms to 22 kilograms of weapons-grade uranium
needed by an expert bomb maker to craft a weapon, according to the London-based
Verification Research, Training and Information Center, a non-governmental
observer to the IAEA that is funded by European governments.

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zxc 8 years ago

WESTERN FABRICATION PROPOGANDA - as usual. The Intelligence is as good as the WMD's

Walid 8 years ago

Can't you people see the truth that's US plays with your minds? to make you believe there is a real threat behind Iran nuclear activities while Israel already has nuclear weapons. Not talking about US itself who they have and used that kind of mass destruction weapons.

Saiyed 8 years ago

When is IAEA going to inspect Israeli Dimona nuclear site and present its report on that.

UN is a tool used by US, WEST and Israel to bully developing nations and third world countries.

Telcoguy 8 years ago

Never, because neither Israel nor India nor Pakistan are signatories to the NPT.
Iran, on the other hand, signed the NPT. North Korea was, but retired in 2005 if I remember right after, clearly, breaching it.
Being a signatory of the NPT means that a country agrees to do not develop nuclear weapons in exchange for assistance in developing their civilian nuclear capabilities.

I am making no judgement here, I am just posting some straight facts.

procan 8 years ago

The attack is coming, he said ,she said, dose not matter now. No time for the blame game .If Iran dose not submit, I beleive she will not. The question of debate is what is next ?

Doug 8 years ago

Well, in that case, can the UN have all that aid cash back that it's given to Iran over the years? I mean, if the UN is simply a tool to bully developing nations, can we assume you don't want the money?

Expat 123 8 years ago

What if Iran really is developing these weapons? Then what, let them continue?! A nation led by a man that repeatedly calls for the destruction of a civilization should not be allowed to poses these weapons. So what if Israel has them; they arent proliferating and they arent using them to threaten the existance of other nations/civilizations. If Netanyahu was calling for the destruction of some other nation then it'd be pretty safe to say that the US nor any other nation would permit their development or possession of nuclear bombs. If Iran has nothing to hide then why not open everything up to inspections, etc.?

As for the US's use of these weapons it was a simple choice, invade Japan and lose over 1.5 million lives (between US/Japanese casualties) or drop the bombs and lose a total of 500k lives. Using the weapons ended the war and saved lives. This is a historical fact. Period.

Marijke 8 years ago

Expat, even though I am against many of Iran's "policies", Ahmedinejad's words were taken out of context and translated in the wrong way. This has been known for quite a while now. Plus, between Israel and Iran, Israel is the one who has been attacking neighboring countries for the past decades, has been occupying and oppressing Palestinians for even longer. Israel is known to have a nuclear arsenal for a long time, and ironically nobody questions that. Iran is surrounded by countries where USA and UN are meddling, waging their so called War on Terror (Pakistan, Afghanistan)AND signing nuclear deals (India) They have every reason to want to defend themselves. Last time Iran attacked anyone was when Iraq invaded.
The USA has never saved lives without ending more lives first, and most definitely has not anything without an agenda. So please stop defending the USA or Israel, they are in the core of the problems in this region.

Mustafa Johnson 8 years ago

Please check your facts .
1. President Ahmedinejad did not call for the destruction of Israel , he said it will be wiped off the map in the same way that the USSR and aparthied South Africa were. A nuanced point which most Zionists fail to grasp.

2. Iran is a signatory to the NPT , and subject to inspections including and not limited to surprise visits and CCTV at all their sites. Israel is not a signatory a fact you forgot to mention.

3. The war was nearly over , there was no need to use the bomb . A lot of people will dipute your interpretations of what happened in WW 2 .

procan 8 years ago

@Expat123 I agree 100% with your post, many will not, but I sure do . As for WW11 conflict in the Pacific many Canadian military lives were saved there also with those weapons.