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Sun 18 Aug 2013 10:38 AM

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Iranian woman deemed too beautiful to take up council seat

"We don’t want a catwalk model on the council," one official said

Iranian woman deemed too beautiful to take up council seat
Nina Siahkali Moradi

An Iranian woman who was elected to a city council in Iran has been barred from office after she was deemed too attractive by the country's religious conservatives, it was reported.

Nina Siahkali Moradi received over 100,000 votes in city council elections in Qazvin, an Iranian city northwest of the capital Tehran.

While she finished 14th out of 163 candidates up for election, she was deemed too good-looking to take up her seat, The Times newspaper reported.

“We don’t want a catwalk model on the council,” one senior Qazvin official was quoted as saying.

It is believed Moradi’s disqualification was due to the picture of her used in her campaign posters.

"Those who opposed Moradi's candidacy say that she was only elected because of her beauty and youth. The review board, comprised of elder conservatives, had objected to her election posters and materials,” the Iran Wire news website claimed.

“Almost 10,000 people voted for me and based on that I should be the first alternate member of the City Council,” 27-year-old Moradi, who is studying architecture at Qazvin’s Azad University, told Iranian media.


leo50 6 years ago

no surprise is it??

Hesham 6 years ago

it is not like this , once you go to tehran ,,to see all women most likely more attractive, so the news is not 100% true originally where is published, and shows Iranians as down and low class people, although 90% are not like that. Although there still 10-20% people think like that which they r also changing by new generation variety. All countries whether Muslim or non Muslim have different levels of mentality which reflects the society which does not show, all I wrote not to judge about all Iranians just by a person, whether president or that low minded people prevented this lady to be at gov duty.

Amaniera Antonio 6 years ago

How many votes 10 000 or 100 000

vidhyaa 6 years ago

Qazvin you are jealous

Nezaud 6 years ago

Haaahhh, It remind me of the story of the Emirate gentleman who supposedly kicked out of a Saudi culture faire because he is too handsome . Later on we learned it was untrue, and he confirmed that on an interview .

Jim 6 years ago

The Iranian people are far too intelligent to elect somebody for their beauty. The more important issue is this: when election results are subject to "review" -- and reversal -- by an unelected board comprised of elder conservatives, you don't have a democracy.

Doug 6 years ago

Don't worry, we don't think Iranians are 'low-class' people at all. You're the same as all the rest of us, it's just your governing authorities holding you back out of fear for being shown up for the amateurs that they are. Good luck to you, Iranians, you deserve far better from your government than you get.

MAS 6 years ago

She is indeed very pretty and beautiful. I am sure she will be trending on google very soon and be flooded with marriage offers. :P The authorities are holding her back for a total different reason though. Iranians are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world so its not practical at all.

Soheil 6 years ago

Its obvious that there were other reasons for her dismissal, using beauty as an excuse, since they know that it would be very hard for them to stand against a strong woman like her and oppose her and also for some other reasons, rather than just dismissing her for her beauty...But using such an excuse is just plain stupidity, they could have used any other excuse to dismiss her, while this excuse just makes the Iranian government look stupid (not saying that they look good now, but on the contrary).
It is a shame to see such smart women get dismissed so easily, and besides, Iranian people are far too smart to elect someone based only on her beauty, they already got a lot of problems that needs to be dealt with, and as MAS stated; "Iranians are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world so its not practical at all.".
So surely, there must be another reason, and not her beauty.