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Mon 15 Aug 2011 07:32 AM

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Iranians rally over British police ‘savagery’ in riots

Students hold protest against British Embassy in Tehran after London unrest

Iranians rally over British police ‘savagery’ in riots
Riot police stood guard outside Debenhams department store in in Clapham Junction, as unrest carried into a third night

Some 200 students held a demonstration outside the British
embassy in Tehran on Sunday to protest at what President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
called the "savage" police treatment of people involved in street
unrest in London last week.

Watched by around 50 riot police, some students threw eggs
towards the embassy compound and at the end of the protest they held up masks
of Mark Duggan, the man whose shooting by police sparked the protests and riots
in Britain.

Some protesters carried anti-British placards. One read:
"London 2011, Tehran 1979, throw off your shah!" a reference to
Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution which overthrew a Western-backed king.

For many years Iran has been on the receiving end of
criticism from Western countries over its human rights record, especially the
crushing of demonstrations after the re-election of President Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad in June 2009.

Iranian politicians have called on the United Nations to
condemn Britain. The leader of the Basij militia, which battled
anti-Ahmadinejad protesters in 2009, offered to send his forces to London,
Liverpool and Birmingham "to act as a peacekeeping force and a buffer
between repressive forces of the royal regime and the British people".

Hojat Alamdari, a 26-year-old engineering student at the
protest, told Reuters TV: "People around the world don't link the issues
of Great Britain to looting by rioters. The problem is that the people of that
country have demands and certain rights, and are calling on their government to
rectify their political and economic issues."

Britain's top diplomat in Tehran has told the government she
would be happy to discuss events in Britain and encouraged Iran to allow a UN
human rights rapporteur for Iran to be allowed into the country to look into
its crackdown on the opposition and frequent use of the death penalty.

Other countries long used to Western criticism of their
human rights records are relishing Britain's embarrassment over the unrest on
its streets.

Libyan state television said Prime Minister David Cameron
was using Irish and Scottish "mercenaries" to tame the riots in
English cities.

Wadi 8 years ago

Using Irish and Scottish "mercenaries" to tame the riots in English cities. It strikes me that the Iranians could think of anything useful to say: so instead invented a story. Genius!

Sadly there was no savagery: which is exactly what these animals needed to receive. Had I been 'top cop' I would have shot them.

dino100 8 years ago

Iran commenting on the "Royal Regime" and violence toward the British citizens...brilliant! Got to be the funniest thing i have heard in a long time. If Iran is so incensed and feel pity for these poor criminals, im sure the British Government would only be too happy to revoke their citizenship, if indeed they have one in the first place, and hand them over to Tehran. It's laughable really.

roger ramjet 8 years ago

I believe the article states that it was the Libyan state television that made comments about Irish mercenaries!

Sam 8 years ago

It is really funny that Iran always wants to change the news into what benifits itself. Some looters and criminals destroy the city and public places and it's good in Iranian Governoment but 3 Million people who attended in rally in Tehran 2 years ago without looting or destroying public places were "Criminals" in their point of view. Really funny