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Thu 4 Feb 2010 12:14 PM

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Island owners hit back at 'sinking' claims

Developers dismiss claims as 'ridiculous'; say studies prove structural integrity.

Two major owners on The World development have dismissed a UK media report that the manmade islands are sinking and merging, and said that independent technical reports have confirmed the islands' structural integrity.

Rahail Aslan, CEO of Select Group, which is developing the islands of France and Spain, told Arabian Business that the media reports were “ridiculous”.

Aslan said that four months ago Select had carried out its own study of the two islands and looked at issues such as soil analysis and island topography and the results found that “everything is in order and intact.”

Fellow island developers Kleindienst Group also commissioned its own independent and full-scale technical study of its islands, Josef Kleindienst, the group’s CEO, told Arabian Business.

Kleindienst’s study included soil and land compaction studies and flushing and wave modelling studies. Kleindienst owns the six islands collectively known the ‘Heart of Europe’, and said that before the group can start construction this quarter it is “required to conduct vibro-compaction measures to ensure the bearing capacity of the island.”

The engineering procedure will see the sand mechanically agitated into position, locking the particles of sand together. This will result in a reduction in sand height of approximately one metre and construction can then begin.

“Following the studies conducted we now know exactly how to sustainably manage and maintain the resort shoreline of our islands, so that the impact of nature is controlled. The bottom line is the sooner we build and maintain our islands the better,” he added.

On Wednesday, the project’s master developer Nakheel issued an official statement denying the reports as "wholly inaccurate.”

The World is an archipelago of 300 manmade islands located 4km off the Dubai coastline and designed in the shape of the world map. Unveiled by Nakheel in May 2003, there are 17 major projects worth more than $30bn currently under development.

freddo 9 years ago

I was involved in some coastal protection work along Western coast of Sri lanka and some of rock boulder structures(made by us) Groines/Revetments etc., we found that it was taking apart from their original position due to under-neath sea current. This will take place due to the sea current which will happened very below the sea depth. It's like sea errotion in the bottom of the sea. If anybody interest do contact Coastal Protection works in SL.

jawad uddin 9 years ago

My comment on the settlement potential in world islad is that almost negligible due to vibrocompaction process. This process ensures the reduction of soil void ratio substentially and relative density can be improved as high as 70 percent. Me, as geotechnical specialist, was invoved in Singapore Changi Airport reclaimation soil improvement programme for over 20 years and we have acheived an induced settlement of 1.5 meter. Since late 70s till early 2000, it was conducyrd by employing different techniques DC, MRC, Vibro and PVD method etc but sand compaction by vibro was most successful and cost effective. Since than, the ground condition was very stable. In view of this example, the world shal be a beautiful and sable master piece of development compatible to any world class tourist attraction and marine front living standard. For those, who are still not convinced, geotechnical instrumention to monitor the settlement and soil movement will make them satisfied and convinced and also the rumor will disappear for once and all Jawad Uddin Geotechnical Consultant