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Fri 22 Sep 2006 08:00 PM

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IT in education

Dear Editor,

I applaud the efforts of educational institutions in the region to modernise by deploying high tech IT solutions.

Your magazine has profiled a number of universities in the region that are making such a move — the latest being Qatar University which, as you reported in last week's issue, has deployed SunGard’s Digital Campus solution.

The golden days of dusty academia where the closest professors got to technology was a typewriter, are long gone and universities are fastrealising the benefits that technology can bring them.

It is a credit to the universities of the Middle East that they are adoptingsuch 21st century methods to become more efficient and to improve resources for staff and students.

And I hope this will encourage more of the region's youth to gain their further education here instead of travelling further afield.

May I say also that such technology not only improves efficiencies within universities but also prepares students well for the big wide world wheretechnology infiltrates every area of life.


An IT teacher, Kuwait.