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Mon 11 Jun 2012 01:50 PM

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Jailed Safi Qurashi collapses after hunger strike

Imprisoned 'The World' developer complained of chest pains over 40 days into his protest

Jailed Safi Qurashi collapses after hunger strike
Qurashi was sentenced to seven years in jail for bouncing a cheque.

A British businessman on hunger
strike in a Dubai jail was taken to hospital at the weekend, more than 40 days
into his protest.

At the weekend, the family of
Safi Qurashi were told the London-born businessman, who paid US$60m for an
island in the shape of Great Britain on Nakheel’s The World, had been taken to
Dubai Police Hospital suffering breathing difficulties and chest pain.

Qurashi was sentenced to seven
years in jail for bouncing a cheque and was over 40 days into a hunger strike
and has reportedly lost a lot of weight and is diabetic.

His daughters, 13-year old
Sara and 10-year old Maaria, started an online campaign called ‘Justice For My
Dad’ and are lobbying for his release.

"I am so worried about dad's
life,” Sara said in a statement. "Everyone is devastated about what has
happened and concerned about his health,” another family member added.

The developer rose to fame as the
owner of the 4.5-hectare island that is part of The World, a man-made
archipelago of reclaimed sandbanks located off the coast of Dubai. He had
initially planned to build a mix of hotels, residential and commercial
buildings on Great Britain, but the scheme stalled in the wake of the global
financial crisis.

According to, Qurashi had acted as a “middle-man” in a number of deals
that saw clients transfer money into his company in exchange for his purchasing
land on their behalf.

In exchange for the money,
Qurashi signed security cheques over to the client that should have been
returned on completion of the land deal, the website claims. Instead, the
cheques were cashed, leading to Qurashi’s arrest and imprisonment for cheque

He was later found guilty of
signing two cheques with insufficient funds and cancelling another.

Garay 7 years ago

Hope he gets better Sara, don't give up!!!!!

Mick 7 years ago

how do you liken a criminal to someone that made a mistake ie: bad investment plan, regardless of the amount? Shame that there is no grey area in the UAE and people suffer needlessly because they fail to line the pockets of richer people.