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Sat 18 Jul 2009 10:57 AM

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Job vacancies in Abu Dhabi rise despite slump - paper

Study by Mideast online recruitment firm reveals Dubai had been hardest hit.

Employment opportunities in Abu Dhabi continue to rise compared to last year, despite a decline in jobs across the GCC region following the downturn, a study has revealed.A reasearch conducted by GulfTalent.com showed that job vacancies in Qatar have registered a four percent increase from nine percent for the first half of last year to 13 percent of the same period this year, according to The Peninsula daily. Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia are also sharing the same positive development, it added, while Oman had only one percent increase from two percent in 2008 to three percent this year.

The study by the Middle East online recruitment firm revealed that Dubai had been hardest hit from 43 percent last year sharply going down this year to just 30 percent, The Peninsula reported. Kuwait and Bahrain have also seen slight declines in job opportunities.

GulfTalent.com, found out that in the entire region investment, administration and marketing professionals have been hardest hit by the downturn. Yet, infrastructure-related disciplines and audit professionals are in demand, it observed.

The Peninsula reported that according to the study, demand for infrastructure-related works soared by 142 percent reflecting massive spending by GCC governments this year on road, railway and airport projects. There is also a demand for audit professionals with an increase of 25 percent this year.

The economic downturn has slowed recruitment activity in the GCC region significantly, with Dubai in particular seeing a fall in the number of vacancies advertised, though still retaining sizeable share, the study said.

Early this week, it was reported that some 53 percent of GCC company bosses, who took part in a recent survey, said they were intending to hire more staff in the next 12 months.

Some 53 percent of GCC company bosses, who took part in a recent survey, said they were intending to hire more staff in the next 12 months.

Only 13 percent of respondents said they were going to cut staff numbers, while 34 percent said their recruitment freeze would continue, but they would not be making anyone redundant in the meantime.

More than 600 managing directors, CEOs and general managers took part in the Doing Business in the Gulf survey.

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Cholo Jopson 11 years ago

A few days ago, I sent at least 10 unsolicited applications to companies, including newspaper publishers, in Abu Dhabi. Not a single word ever returned to my mailbox except for one that says “out of the office”. For Qatar, I contacted a close friend there to confirm how true your reports are on the increase of job vacancies. An even poignant response came: they are but media hypes of recruitment agencies! Walk your fingers through the classified pages, and you will notice that three to four out of five listed vacancies – either in Qatar or in Abu Dhabi and even elsewhere in the GCC are merely passed by these enterprising recruitment agencies. Nonetheless, these agencies especially those online recruiters have been trying to shake off their own market. They had to be good in conducting surveys, etc to keep them going in the business. But the truth is, they are just pooling manpower past the current economic slumber. What the hapless applicant can only do is to wait for the doors of these employers to open, but not after weeks or months until he forgets all about his application. Neeraj, when will I ever pick up a reply – whether I qualify or not to the job being applied for? Only God knows, perhaps.

Jay 11 years ago

I have send more than 250 applications in the last couple of months not a single one got reply,this is the case with most of my colleagues who were made redundant by one of the largest conglomerate.So we tend to believe all these advertisements of openings in the local media and net are false.We are eager to know as anyone got hired due to the so called surge in vacancy in Abudhabi and Qatar as per media claim?

raja 11 years ago

Neeraj, where are you staying, outside UAE., Did you open Gulf News, Appointments section, only 1 full spread sheet (4 pages) out of it 50% is for Canada, Australia immigration, wake up guys?????

Arab lady 11 years ago

This is so true. I have applied for so many jobs over the past 4 months and nothing materialized. I even got the same job vancancy after three months which means that the company never hired. Yes, appointments supplements are full of opportunties but no one ever responds to any CVs sent

ML 11 years ago

There seems to be a vast array of vacancies online but how many of them are actually real? It is clear in my mind that a lot are fictitious and simply companies or agencies posting them to try and give the impression of moving forward. I myself applied for some 400 or so over the last three months and i lost count of the many automated replies telling me the position is filled - the very same day that the job ad was originally posted!!! Clearly there are some hot spots existing but for those not involved in those types of industry - the tough times could be continuing for a while yet... good luck if you are looking

kris 11 years ago

I too have applied for loads of jobs throughout the Middle East and rarely even receive an acknowledgement from the Recruitment company. The one reply I did receive was from a 'head hunter' suggesting I apply for a position that I have absolutly zero experience in. This led me to the conclusion that these Recruitment 'specialists' are moderatly less useful than estate agents and are currently building databases for jobs that dont exist. I believe the 'Head Hunters' are creating jobs for the Employers but the Employers are holding off until the economy picks up. In the meantime all the good people leave and the lunatics are left running the asylum.

ssatay 11 years ago

Part of the reason that you do not get responses is that most of the headhunters have been laid off and some of the advertised positions are primarily focussed on gaining resumes and building resume banks. I was declared redundant and have managed to find a nice position in Dubai, but this was via contacts and not through the agencies. What is clear is that the genuine search firms have very little work, although they are still managing to pay for grandiose offices somehow. The headhunters are laying staff off, and those who manage to take full page adverts in the paper, especially a major firm based in Abu Dhabi who take a full page advert most days in the Gulf news, do not respond, and if they do, loose their consultants so fast there there is no follow up.

JAC 11 years ago

We are searching since 3! month for an site engineer or foreman with Dubai experience. Not a single CV which are usefull are sended to us. Property seller, Marketing experts etc. thats all. He guys, you are all sleeping there or they all leave the country?

M DMello 11 years ago

I have been applying for suitable openings since Jan08, prior to the recession, and till not received a suitable offer. The interviews are just for namesake to show the panel that candidates exist. This is pure bluff..

Maverick 11 years ago

All vacancies have been posted all around are marjority BOGUS! Posting those vacancies merely for a show, just to make people believe they are not affected by the global crisis. Companies around this days are unprofessional as well. It is only in this country I have noticed with bunch of unethical executives who does not have the courtesy of acknowledging any documents or papers being received. An obvious principle of "I have no use for you so I can not spare you any of my time thing". Moreso, Abu Dhabi companies in my opinion offers quite very low or cheap salaries and package thinking they are the capital of UAE?! Some may say housing there is reasonable - really?! You can not beat rates of houses particularly in Sharjah... and Northern Emirates. Plus the place is already too crowded if I may say. Sharjah and Northern Emirates even gives better package than them. This days as well those companies who are able to hire using the recession by taking advantage of those people made redundant by offering them either a lower position or same position but with low basic salary somewhat 45-55% only of what they were getting from previous employment. Shame... there is a lot of pretentions and hoola hoops thingy in this country. Those looking for employment this days goodluck to all of you. Inspite of, I belive there are still few companies out there really do hiring. Hope you will find them...