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Sun 25 Mar 2012 11:50 AM

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Kuwait apologies for Kazakh anthem gaffe

Organisers of shooting contest mistakenly played theme music to Borat film

Kuwait apologies for Kazakh anthem gaffe
The teams coach told local media that organisers had downloaded the wrong song from the internet by mistake.

of a sporting championship in Kuwait have publicly apologised to
Kazakhstan after music taken from a satirical film was accidentally played instead of the country's national anthem at a medal-giving ceremony.

While collecting a medal at a shooting championship held in the Gulf state this weekend, Kazakh competitor
Maria Dmitrienko
was serenaded by the theme music from the comedic movie Borat.

Organisers said the mistake was quickly rectified and the real national anthem of Kazakhstan played
as shooting team members collected their awards.

The spoof
song, produced by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen specifically for the 2006
film, portrays Kazakhs as uneducated.

The film,
which caused uproar in Kazakhstan and was eventually banned in the country,
follows the character journalist Borat Sagdiyev as he travels to America.

to media reports, the shooting team asked for an apology from Kuwait
authorities after the song was played.

The team's
coach told local media that organisers had downloaded the wrong song from the
internet by mistake.

In their
statement, organisers expressed deep sorrow at having played the song.

LLL 7 years ago

This was a blantant insult to the country of Kazakhstan by his nation.

Tom 7 years ago

Are they really this stupid? So wonder why they are never discussed in the board rooms, is there anything going on there as far as a development path? This is such a ridiculous blunder to say the least, yes, an apology should be provided Kazakhstan immediately. In Borat's national anthem, he totally insults the country of Kazakhstan, maybe in gratitude, he'll write one about Kuwait - that would be a scream

Rashid 7 years ago

Agreed, big mistake and a total insult. By the way, did you watch Borat's movie that he made fun of Kazakhstan in? did you laugh watching it? did you pay to watch it? so in a way you supported something that was making fun of Kazakhstan. which makes you just as bad as Kuwait organizers, doesn't it? Hypocrisy.

Jake 7 years ago

Rashid, not quite hypocrisy but entertainment. Borat was never intended to be taken serious by anyone. It never tried to portrait the reality in Kazakhstan, but played with all the stereotypes. It's called humor, probably not of good taste, but humor nevertheless.

Playing an Anthem, during an international tournament however is suppose to praise ones achievement, ones national pride with all seriousness. You cannot see a difference?

Tom 7 years ago

No, Rashid, never saw the movie. I googled the lyrics after this incident. This is an inexcusable diplomatic mistake, it's horrendous.

Kirk 7 years ago

Stop being so melodramatic, mistakes happen everywhere but nations rise above such petty mistakes, thank God none of you are world leaders...

charles 7 years ago

is Rashid for real?
Or is he just a cover story for a diplomatic gaffe of momentous proportions.

So the UAE wins a medal and on the podium stands a proud UAE winner and instead of the UAE anthem they play the music from Mission Impossible as that was filmed here.
He stands proud and laughs it off as he watched the film himself? No way.

It is insulting Rashid and if the above happened, you would be the first on here ranting and raving about it.

Motown 7 years ago

Let's be honest, it's an unfortunate mistake, but no-one has been truly hurt. Anything that brings a bit of joy into the world should be applauded. I've read this article around 10 times and it still makes me laugh. Very like.

Rashid 7 years ago

Hey Charles. Again i agree with what Tom said, partially. My point was that unconsciously we encourage bullying by laughing and supporting movies/comedians/books that mock cultures. We have to look at how we are contributing to the issue of prejudice . For Tom to generalize and pick on the development of Kuwait or Kuwaitis generally is another form of bigotry, how is that fixing the issue? if his comments were targeting the organizers I'd understand.

John 7 years ago

What is rather forgotten here is that Kazakhs don't all live in yurts and raise goats. It is one of the most compelling investment targets in emerging markets, the natural resources of the country make it enormously viable and, a lesser known fact, is the people have a very developed sense of humour. They laugh at the people who laugh at them, sad little Brits on welfare and the like who thought Borat was just a nice little racist insult.