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Fri 19 Jun 2009 05:04 PM

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Kuwait to deport 100,000 expats - paper

Gov't also to act against private firms who have misused commercial licenses.

Kuwait is likely to arrest and accordingly deport close to 100,000 expatriates for being registered with bogus companies, according to a report.

Highـranking security sources in the state told the local Al Watan daily: "A relatively large number of private firms have been issued commercial licenses but do not actually have offices or business activities in the country."

The sources added that it was likely that the owners of the licenses brought expat manpower into the oil exporting country in return for money, without giving them the promised jobs in return.

According to the daily,  informed sources said that Kuwait's cabinet has assigned a taskforce to bring to book all those companies engaged in the malpractice.

Al Watan said that the sources suggested that a large section of such manpower engages in menial jobs to make their ends meet, while the majority of them are jobless.

In a related development, Al Watan reported that the minister of public works and minister of state for municipal affairs Dr Fadhil Safar on Thursday affirmed the government''s determination in preventing single expatriate workers from living in private residential areas.

According to the daily, "The minister also expressed shock over the fact that some private companies were found operating within private residential areas without obtaining a clearance from the relevant municipal authorities, noting that the ministry does not condone such malpractices in residential areas."

Early last year, a report revealed that expatriates made up 69% of Kuwait’s total population.

KUWAIT GUY 10 years ago

Will the poor people that are being deported get thier money back, average of $2000? NO Will any Kuwaiti go to jail for this ? NO. Will it continue ? Of course !

Pradeep Naik 10 years ago

Another fact that out 69% Expat population, not overnight. How Govt allowed to have that many people come into the country. I feel as country has got the job done of basic development & now they do not need any of these work forces. Locals made their part of sponsorships & selling visa money, now they have their own set up to make more money.

Cholo Jopson 10 years ago

I can not let my pen as ascetic as that of Mr. Pradeep. I wish he had been gone to, and ever worked, in Kuwait as I did. Nonetheless, his thoughts were even less provoking than irresponsible. Those 100,000 expatriates who are now subject of repatriation to their home countries would have been in the tiny state over the years, not in one instance! Just like in the UAE, or other GCC countries, the immigration authorities granted visas to visitors or workers on the face value of documents they received. Would they be able to get an quick-smart verification on the background information submitted by the would-be sponsors? Verification takes a taxing follow-ups and leaps. Thus, only lately perhaps that the Kuwait immigration was able to appraise the legitimacy of the workers' employers or sponsors.

M OS 10 years ago

While I have not worked in Kuwait myself, about a dozen of my college friends do and I hear appalling stories of the sponsorship system there. The visa-selling racket that has transformed into a systematic human trafficking ring, which the government has been aware of for years and yet has turned a blind eye. All simply because the locals stood to make even more money from it. A large number of low income workers in Kuwait are employed on "self-visas" and these allow the sponsors to control their subjects in a way not very different from bonded labour. The people often spend years paying off the costs of these visas and must beg and plead to have their passports so they can visit their families once in a while.

Neil 10 years ago

Its very clear that the Government issued commercial licenses to individuals without verifying whether the applications were genuine. The officials probably did not visit the premises nor ascertain the nature of business. Visa for manpower were issued without checking business accounts and whether their was real need.

rene fernandez 10 years ago

This type of sponsorship MUST be Stopped !! Bahrains LMRA (Labour Regulatory Authority) will be the sponsors of ALL Workers from AUGUST , 2009 and all the ROGUE Sponsors will not be able to Earn Illegal Money on the Sweat and Blood of the poor Expat Workers.

Etisalgood 10 years ago

It makes perfect sense to deport 100,000 expats. That way, they can make money off the next 100,000 that come in.

Ashley 10 years ago

Typical of the region!!!