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Mon 1 Apr 2013 12:59 PM

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Kuwait executes three for murder

Executions are the first in the Gulf state since 2007

Kuwait executes three for murder
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Kuwait has executed three people on Monday, ending a six-year moratorium on capital punishment.

State media agency KUNA confirmed the executions were carried out at central prison for three people found guilty of murder.

Other reports suggest the executed were a Saudi man who killed his friend, a Pakistani who killed a Kuwaiti couple and a stateless Arab, or 'bidoon', who murdered his wife and children.

The executions are the first since 2007 when three Kuwaitis and an Indian convicted of murder and a Pakistani found guilty of drug trafficking were hanged in what was the largest number of executions in a single day in 16 years.

While a “small number” of death sentences have been handed down in the past six years, none were carried out, according to Capital Punishment UK, which tracks executions worldwide.

The organisation said Kuwait carried out 72 executions, including 69 men and three women, between April 1964 and May 2007. The country used a form of death by hanging.

Majd 6 years ago

I noticed they are all expats.

jay 6 years ago

while i think that hanging is ok for murder my only worry is would they do it to a kuwaiti??
in fact when did they last execute a kuwaiti

Adel Alfarwan 6 years ago

If you read the article you would see that 3 Kuwaitis were executed in 2007! So they do do it to Kuwaitis and they are not all expats.

Abdul hafeez Sheikh 6 years ago

If they were proved Guilty ,then this is the proper treatment of the murderers .To put them in Jail for long time is not Islamic . This system is best as far as the henious crime of taking someone,s life is concerned .

leo50 6 years ago

you should mention that it is your opinion that this system is best. Many people would not agree with you.