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Sun 18 Aug 2013 02:51 PM

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Kuwait mulls limiting parliamentary terms to two

MP says proposal would inject new blood into the political system

Kuwait mulls limiting parliamentary terms to two

Kuwaiti lawmakers are considering limiting the number of terms they can serve to two, according to local media.

MP Majid Musa made the suggestion and is canvassing the opinions of fellow MPs with the intention of introducing a draft law when parliament resumes on October 29.

The proposal would cover membership in the National Assembly as well as Municipal Council, sports club boards and co-operative societies.

“[It would] open opportunities for young people and inject new blood in elected assemblies”, Musa was quoted as saying by Kuwait Times.

Countries such as the US already limit the number of terms an elected member can serve to two.

Kuwait is the only democracy in the Gulf, with about half the Cabinet ministers elected members.

However, the country’s political system has been marred by consistent instability, with no elected parliament serving its full term in the past decade.

The latest election, on July 27, was held after the Constitutional Court ruled the December 2012 election null and void.

That poll had followed another held in February 2012, which was also deemed invalid.

The instability led Minister of Planning and Development Rola Dashti on Friday to call for cooperation between the parliament and the Cabinet, of which half are non-elected ministers appointed by the prime minister on behalf of the Emir.

“Kuwait is in dire need for political stability, organized work and full harmony between the executive and legislative authorities in order to reclaim its pioneering role, addressing persisting issues and push projects forward”, Dr Dashti said.

The MP believes that the two-term condition is found in many democracies around the world; bringing up the United States presidential elections as an example.