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Sun 7 Apr 2013 09:28 AM

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Kuwait says deported 18,000 expats in two years

Gulf state has recently begun introducing measures to seriously curtail number of expats

Kuwait says deported 18,000 expats in two years
(Photo for illustrative purposes only)

Kuwait has deported close to 18,000 expats over the last two years, according to local media in the country.

English language Kuwait Times reported that the oil-rich Gulf state had expelled 9,300 women and 8,500 men, citing a top official from the Ministry of Interior.

The official did not specify the precise reason for the deportations above stating that they had broken the country’s laws.

In recent months authorities in Kuwait have taken measures to introduce tough new regulations for foreign workers, which make up about two-thirds of the country’s 3m population.

In March, Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Thekra Al-Rasheedi said that the country would seek to reduce its number of expats by 1m over the next decade. About 100,000 would be culled each year, she said.

Other proposals that have been tabled in the country’s parliament include policies that would mean expats could only use medical services at certain times of the day and a required minimum salary in order to obtain a driving licence.

The country also last week gave the green light to a plan to bailout citizens’ personal debt at a cost of around $2.6bn.

Majd 6 years ago

Good for them, and how many visa-traded expats took their place, 236,000? 536,000 in two years? This country needs to restructure visa's, they need to address visa trading by going after the fake companies that bring tons of labour to the country and dump them on the economy and they need to implement an investor visa with self-sponsorship of family members in order to attract quality investors in the country. This country needs to analyze the core of their issues, not go for the quick fix. It will benefit them in the long run to attract a higher quality foreign expertise than what is operating in the country presently, especially if they want to implement a formative development plan. and move this country on par with the rest of the GCC. It is also advantageous that they develop some respect for their expat community, which after reading the numerous articles this week in AB, they really need to value this community.

RAH 6 years ago

Totally agree with you.

Unless the Kuwaitis who deal with visa trading start to value human life more than $$$ (via visa-trading), this problem will never come to an end unless the government sponsors the expats. This was a move that was planned a couple of years back but, like everything else here, the visa traders carry a huge political clout here and have managed to stop this new scheme from taking place.

I say go to the schools and start teaching the kids in school how human life is more dear than $$$. Hopefully then as the new generation takes over the politics here, will the expats not face such cruel fate when arriving here and finding out their visas were for not an actual waiting job.

jay 6 years ago

most are illegals and residency defaulters the actual number deported for crimes is very minor also look at the nationalities
indian pakistani and blue collar workers
yet again a headline does not relect the reasons
the fact is people at these levels cannot afford to go home when they have no jobs so become illegal and when arrested get deported back home
low wages at this level yet debt relief for kuwaitis why not raise the minimum wage to 100kd a month instead of 60 now a much better way of spending the vast wealth instead of spoiling the locals who keep putting the beggers hand out for more