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Thu 11 Dec 2014 12:50 PM

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Kuwait threatens to expel Indians over diplomatic spat

The Gulf state is angry at India’s decision to impose a $2,500 bank guarantee on employers of Indian domestic workers

Kuwait threatens to expel Indians over diplomatic spat

Kuwait has threatened to impose an immediate ban on Indian expatriates moving to the country as the Asian nation refuses to back down on a plan to enforce a bank guarantee on foreign employers.

India has said it will require a $2500 bank guarantee to recruit an Indian domestic worker overseas.

Kuwait has disputed the move and on Wednesday it held high level diplomatic talks with the Indian ambassador to Kuwait.

However, Kuwait Times reported the ongoing discussions had failed to resolve the issue, leading Kuwait to threaten a ban on new Indian workers in the country, which could become effective as early as Thursday.

There are about 800,000 Indians in Kuwait, making them the highest non-citizen community in the Gulf state, according to government figures quoted by Kuwait Times.

About one-quarter are domestic workers.

The Indian embassy has said the bank guarantee was initiated in 2007 already has been applied in several countries, including all other Gulf states.

It emphasised that the money would be returned to the employer as soon as the employment contract ended, pending any financial disagreements.

david robertson 4 years ago

There is reason to protect the voiceless!

John 4 years ago

This Embassy has a responsibility to protect its nationals and if the government of Kuwait does not want to implement protective legislation for these workers, then the Embassy has to implement safeguards. It appears to me that this is a sound policy and I think all Embassies in Kuwait should adopt the same policy. If the Kuwait government does not like this policy, then they can dispute the amount or request that the Embassy give them a cost break-down to substantiate the figure. The overall issue comes at a time when Kuwait is having great difficulty attracting any women to come to Kuwait to work as maids, because of the bad press and lack of security. I support this Embassies move in this regard, sorry Kuwait!

Saadiq 4 years ago

Go ahead Kuwait- kick out the people who pretty much do everything from wash your streets to keeping your aircraft in the air. Dubai, Oman, Qatar and even Saudia would love the bumper crop of professionals who have mid east qualifications at little or no recruitment cost to them!.

You have been out of the limelight since the nineties, and if you think rash comments like this will bring you to the forefront like Dubai or Doha, think again!

DaReaper 4 years ago

You seemed to be mistaken by the fact of the ban. It isn't said here that they are going to "Kick out" the already residing Indian expatriates, but instead threaten a ban on "new" Indian workers in the country or those who are moving in newly to work.

Badr 4 years ago

It is India which cannot take care of its citizens and sends them to other countries to wash their streets as otherwise they would starve. Kuwait is doing very well and will continue to do so without needing any one nationality. Check out the difference in standard of living between an average Kuwaiti and an Indian and you will se

Mohamad 4 years ago

Typical of kuwait if they don't like a system to protect workers threaten to expel them hoping the country will back down well India don't as these people will refuse to give your compatriots thier rights fail to pay indemnity etc
A great system and I hope one all foreign embassies will follow
Let's let these Kuwaiti employers put their money where it counts and protect the workers who often have no rights

Zizazter 4 years ago

@Badr - In 2013, 95% of your GDP was from oil. Oil is what keeps you going. It is the reason the average Kuwaiti has wealth. It is the lifeline of your standard of living. You did not earn it through hard work and dedication. That is not debatable; you simply did not earn it through hard work. The least you can do is not oppose the relatively nominal fee for the safety of someone who is willing to work hard, especially when they come from the sixth largest oil consuming market in the world.

Kuwaiti 4 years ago

India cannot take care of its citizens and sends them to other countries to wash their streets as otherwise they would starve. Kuwait is doing well and will continue to do so without needing unskilled Indian migrant workers. Most Indians in Kuwait are unskilled migrant workers.

Sonny 4 years ago

@Badr, No one is going to starve, because of your threat. All countries exporting domestic workers have tightened their rules bcos of the past history of abuse. The earlier you understand migrant workers are not slaves, the better. How about you start cleaning your house yourselves including the toilets and then comment. Should this banning of expatriates happens, you may sure end up cleaning your toilet. Think about that and let it sink in before you write such stupid comments.

longlive 4 years ago

if oil price continue to drop you will soon find kuwaitis sweeping the streets