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Thu 31 May 2012 12:44 PM

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Kuwaiti eyes British football side takeover

Businessman Fawaz Al-Hasawi said to be close to striking deal for one of two clubs

Kuwaiti eyes British football side takeover
Al-Hasawi told Kuwaiti television that he hoped to buy an English club within two weeks.

Kuwaiti businessman Fawaz Al-Hasawi is reportedly days away from buying a prominent English football club after telling national television he is interested in acquiring a side.

The Kuwaiti national, who resigned as president of Kuwait’s biggest football club Qadsia SC this week, has been linked to several football clubs including Championship teams Nottingham Forest and Leeds United.

Al-Hasawi, whose family made their fortune in the refrigeration business, told his Twitter followers that he is currently out of the country but they will “in the coming days, hear news that will please you”.

Al-Hasawi told Kuwaiti television that he hoped to buy an English club within two weeks.

“It’s an English club. We have signed an agreement and hopefully within two weeks things will become very clear.”

“Not in the Premier League but in the first [division],” he added. “This club is better than any of what you have mentioned like Watford or Brighton. The club has rich history.”

The Sun newspaper on Thursday said the Kuwaiti, who has previously attempted to buy a majority stake in QPR, is hoping to buy Nottingham Forest, which has been on the market since the death of its owner Nigel Doughty in February.

The newspaper said Al-Hasawi will fly into London Thursday to complete the formalities of the deal.

Separately, speculation has been mounting that he could make a bid for Leeds United, which this week revealed they are in talks over long-term investment.

Al-Hasawi has previously been quoted as saying he wanted current Leeds boss Neil Warnock to be the manager of his new club after being impressed by him during QPR’s promotion season.

The acquisition of a football club would give Al-Hasawi automatic membership to an elite club of Gulf investors that own European football teams. Abu Dhabi United Group Investment and Development Limited, led by HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, acquired Manchester City for a reported US$321m in summer 2008.

Qatar Sports Investments bought a 70 percent stake in French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in June last year. The investment firm became the sole shareholder of the club after purchasing the remaining 30 percent stake in March.

Dubai’s Royal Emirates Group owns the Spanish La Liga side Getafe.

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Mirror 7 years ago

Is owning a club a profitable business? I have heard that most of the clubs are operating in loss; then what does lead these businessman to acquire a football club? Is it thirst for fame or some hidden treasure that we are not aware of?

T-NFFC 7 years ago

Yeah all depends on sucess factors and sponsorship deals in the long run. If you look at Manchester City for example they have spent alot of money over the past 2 1/2 years trying to win silverware which they have sucessfully done two years in a row with last year being the FA cup and this year being the premier league.

As the club grows in stature and wins more trophies and gains access to more tournaments i.e. the champions league money will pour in and eventually help the club operate evenly meaning profits for the owners. Wages and transfer fees are the major outgoings for top clubs but with sucess comes popularity and with popularity comes sponsorships, advertizing deals , shirt sales etc.

I am a Nottingham Forest fan and if this takeover were to happen and one or two Kuwati football players came through the forest ranks shirt sales would UP in Arabia.....a bigger transfer budget means better players which means better results = more fans buying tickets

I PRAY Hasawi buys NFFC

Anonymous 7 years ago

or the love of the game....and money to burn!

SINGER 7 years ago


Richard Smart 7 years ago

If I was a squillionaire I'd be blowing it on football clubs. Really big money is for spending on something that brings pleasure to many.

Gary 7 years ago

PLEASE buy our beloved Nottingham Forest Football Club. Lets bring back our glorious cup winning days.

Steve Evans 7 years ago

Too true.

You can make a small fortune out of owning a football club - but only if you start off with a large fortune.

As a Birmingham supporter, we're hoping, against all the odds, that it's us he wants to buy!

Aziz 7 years ago

It's Leeds the news has just broken

rob 7 years ago

im a Forest fan,and I dont want these people anywhere near my club.Sure It might bring promotion and even better but its not real,and wouldnt be earned fairly.Forest had a tradition of buying lower leauge players and making them perform in a side that had real character and it brought them alot of trophies.Thats to be admired and its still talked about today.If in years to come the entire top division is owend by Russians or Arabs it will have just become there playground.Football is eating its self and this only speeds up the process .It all relitive its just going to be the richest owner that wins everthing where is the fun in that,and isnt football suppose to be fun

mark 7 years ago

rob is a bitter jealous Derby supporter....clearly.

Majority of Forest fans have dreamed of the day we would get the financial backing we need to become great again...

If we can do what Manchester City did I am sure Forest fans will be very happy