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Sun 8 Jan 2017 12:24 PM

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Kuwaiti MPs call for the deportation of 100,000 expats annually

Lawmakers demanded reducing the number of expats by 10 percent annually and “getting rid of those the Kuwaiti market does not need”

Kuwaiti MPs call for the deportation of 100,000 expats annually

Kuwaiti MPs have called for the deportation of one million expats in the next 5 to 10 years - with a rate of 100,000 expats per year -  due to security, economic and social reasons.

The decision comes as around 29,000 expats have been deported from Kuwait in 2016, marking an increased rate of almost 80 expats daily, well-informed security sources revealed, adding the reasons for deportation ranged from traffic to criminal violations.

Reports found that some deportees remain in prison for a month or two due to financial claims and obligations such as court hearings, sources told Al-Qabas daily.

They said the deportation prison management usually books flight tickets for deported expats from travel agencies at the prison.

They also revealed 26 percent of deportees are Indians, 22 percent are Egyptians, 13 percent are Filipinos, 13 percent are Ethiopian, 6 percent are Sri Lankan and 5 percent are Bangladeshi.

“These six nationalities form 80 percent of the deportees, while those from other nationalities form only 20 percent,” the sources said.

“Unless the government is serious in solving the problem and reducing the number of marginal workers, the society will continue to suffer from imported crimes,” the lawmakers said.

MP Waleed Al-Tabtabaei called for increasing the number of Kuwaiti citizens by over 50 percent of the population while reducing the number of expats by 10 percent annually and “getting rid of those the Kuwaiti market does not need,” he said.

Kevin 2 years ago

This just won't happen the facts are as follows construction would grind to a halt as residential property would not be needed rents would fall so Kuwaiti landlords would complain
Companies won't be able to fill jobs as Kuwaiti workers won't do many jobs. Government departments would need to lose staff as less work in visas etc would be needed. Retail would slow down as less shoppers means investment in malls would stop.
The real solution is to make the country work by investing in industry etc create jobs which create wealth the UAE does this and just look how successful it is Kuwait has no vision it looks inward and blames expats for everything
Sort your house out before it falls down

John 2 years ago

Bottom-line, Kuwait needs a 'national pride' agenda, they need a develop path. This is a small country and by investing in Kuwait by overhauling their immigration systems at the level of the UAE, Kuwait would be more able to access their population levels, streamline the visa process and create jobs for their nationals. By making a blanket statement that Kuwait needs a procreation agenda only means that you increase tribal levels and those are the very people who are corrupting the basic systems that they have in place and are benefitting from Kuwait not moving forward. I agree that all GCC nations should consider visa quotas, as well as, replacing the 'kafalla' system with a more modern visa work permit system which is to the benefit of the State. Kuwait also has a difficult time recruiting expertise and that is what they need in their development plan. Talk is cheap, but implementing laws, and addressing ways to increase their economic numbers is paramount for Kuwait at this time.

Alex Ramcha 2 years ago

A very sad day indeed when that happens ... only Kuwait stands to lose on this proposition!

Doug 2 years ago

Until Kuwaiti citizens are prepared to get out there with a shovel to dig a few holes or a mop to clean a few houses, guess what? You're never going to reduce your dependence on foreign workers.