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Tue 19 Nov 2019 02:48 PM

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For the truly driven: Rolls-Royce Phantom with Privacy Suite

A Rolls-Royce is the de facto vehicle of choice for men and women at the ultimate pinnacle of success. The Rolls-Royce Phantom with Privacy Suite pushes the concept of secluded luxury to previously unknown limits

For the truly driven: Rolls-Royce Phantom with Privacy Suite

Rolls-Royce Phantom with Privacy Suite's formidable V12 engine coupled with the near-silence of the cabin makes driving it a superlative experience.

There is success, there is power and there is luxury. And then there is Rolls-Royce. A marque that confidently stakes ownership of the automotive world’s finest expressions, the British carmaker has long been the chariot of choice for the world’s leaders, power brokers, royalty and celebrities.

Individuals for whom Rolls-Royce ownership is a reality know the value of many things and above all, cherish those that carry no material price. Time, family and love are luxuries frequently alluded to by the one-percent when asked about what is important to them. And privacy remains one of the most fiercely guarded aspects of their rarefied lives.

Enter the Rolls-Royce Privacy Suite, a feature of the Extended Wheelbase Phantom that offers passengers an unrivalled level of privacy. Thanks to the ingenious integrations of electrochromatic technology, the front and rear cabins can be visually separated at the touch of a button. Press the button for privacy, located just by your head in the side window control panel, and the glass will silently and instantly segue from transparent to opaque.

The dividing glass creates a further barrier of privacy between the passenger and chauffeur thanks to seamless acoustic insulation. Your power broking remains between you and your fellow passenger alone; the driver cannot hear anything unless a button is deployed.

If you’re in the middle of intense negotiation or intense activities of any other kind, any call from the driver can be instantly rejected, too. Further enhancing the sense of absolute privacy are the curtains that open and close over the rear and side windows.

It is entirely possible to travel in the Phantom and experience the pinnacle of automotive privacy. And while your chariot will draw yearning looks from onlookers, your own identity can remain a closely guarded secret, until of course, you step out from your cocoon to pick up the reigns of your empire once more.

An aperture located in the centre of the car just beneath the screen can be opened and closed. It is controlled by the rear passenger and is the only physical opening between front and back. Through this, your driver may, if permitted, pass you items, and you can return them to him.

Of course, as befits the 115-year-old heritage car marque, all this high-tech privacy comes entwined with seamless luxury thanks to the uncompromising quality and attention to detail lavished upon every inch. Beneath the iconic Starlight Headliner, a deeply personal luxury awaits owner customisation. Veneered picnic tables, rear entertainment screens, ventilated leather seats and individual control systems heighten the sense of bespoke luxury.

Its formidable V12 engine coupled with the near-silence of the cabin makes driving it a superlative experience. You can assure your chauffer that driver assistance systems (including surround video for parking) and satellite aided technology will make his working day feel like a breeze. There is real-time traffic information built into the satnav and an easy to navigate driver display.

CEO Middle East got behind the wheel and instantly deployed the seat massage function. It made traversing Dubai’s highways a supremely pleasant experience. The surround cameras and driver assistance comes into its own when your boss in the back draws the curtains, allowing you to unleash the full capability of your driving prowess. CEO also took a turn in the back, reclining into those long, luxuriant seats with first-class style legroom and plush carpets so deep we think we’re still missing an earring.

The EWB is around eight inches longer than the standard Phantom, and prices start from upwards of $500,000.

Dear reader, if you count yourself amongst those whose attainments are revered by others, you will know exactly what we mean when we say some luxuries in life carry no price tag. Although we would never dream of asking you outright what you might consider those to be we respect your privacy far too much.