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Wed 15 Jan 2020 03:28 PM

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Diving into the rarefied world of luxury yachting with Gregory Delhaye, DG Marine

You've reached the C-Suite, the corner office is yours and life is wonderful. What better way to make the most of your successes than by diving into the rarefied world of luxury yachting. DG Marine's chairman Gregory Delhaye tells CEO Middle East about the various options for those with a hankering for the open seas

Diving into the rarefied world of luxury yachting with Gregory Delhaye, DG Marine

DG Marine's chairman Gregory Delhaye

Launched in 2016, DG Marine, a member of Delhaye Gregory Group, provides unrivalled quality and service to yacht owners, investors and adventurers.

Its expertise in all things yacht-related speaks to both those for whom maritime experiences are a fundamental lifestyle, as well as those interested in dipping their foot in the water for the first time. In addition to yacht sales, the company also offers luxury yacht charters in Dubai and the Mediterranean.

Helmed by Gregory Delhaye, DG Marine has been expanding into new markets and launching new brands for the yachting industry; the company is also the official representative for Italian yacht brand Mangusta in the GCC region. Mangusta yachts range from 100 feet (30 metres) to 200 feet (60 metres).

At one end you can organise spectacular charters for a business event, at the other help the purchase of a dream yacht. Can you give insight into these elements of the business?

At DG Marine we do organise some exceptional yacht charters locally in Dubai and around in the Mediterranean. We have access to a fleet of approximately 100 yachts in Dubai and more than 1,500 vessels on the Mediterranean charter market. Charters in Dubai are usually aiming to celebrate a particular event or special occasion.

You can cruise around the Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah enjoying five-star service and catering. We can also request the services of a trendy band or particular singer for the occasion upon budget. Mediterranean yacht charters generally are longer in length (most of the time a full week is spent onboard). Charter in Mediterranean is much more part of the lifestyle of a loyal clientele who naturally associates yachting to summer holidays and family time.

If our readership is in the market for a boat, whether that be a Mangusta or one of the other brands you specialise in, what should they consider?

Purchasing a yacht must be a well thought out process and potential owners must ask themselves the right questions. Does the person have enough free time to enjoy their yacht? Could chartering be a better option considering the substantial running costs, which is approximately 10 percent of the asking price yearly for a 50-metre yacht?

On the other side, owning a newly built yacht will grant the owner total freedom to define factors on the general layout, interior space and bespoke design. It will also allow them access at any time. Secondly, the owner can also choose to put the yacht on the charter market which will allow him or her to rent the vessel and cover a decent part of the running costs.

You are the official representative for Mangusta in the GCC region – can you tell our readers about this brand?

[Overmarine shipyard] has been known for over 30 years for its sporty look maxi open yachts ranging from 30 metres to 50 metres, seeking for owners willing to enjoy high performances and nice speed at sea.

However, over the last 10 years, the company has reached a turning point in its history and corporate strategy with the entry of two very different lines: Mangusta Oceano and Mangusta GranSport.

Those two new lines cover the rest of the 30 metre – 60 metre market. Those are long range propelled multi-deck yachts with higher range, better fuel efficiency as well as speed flexibility.

Looking at the recent offering at Monaco Yacht Show, the trend for big boats seems only surpassed by the appetite for incredible interiors – are clients becoming more demanding?

There are different types of clientele when it comes to yachting on the 24-metre plus market. Some clients are looking for interior volume at affordable price; we do find a lot of those clients in the UAE where locals are willing to welcome their extended family and group of friends onboard.

The clientele attending Monaco Yacht Show is, however, different; this show offers on display super yachts of 40 metres and above. Monaco is very much a brokerage show (carefully used super yachts for sale) where the clientele usually expects a certain standard when it comes to interior as well as a maximise use of the interior space. Those clients are looking for the ideal super yacht to meet their requirements and are keen to sign on the spot for the yacht of their dreams.

What are some of the key innovations in terms of products?

As far as key innovations over the last 10 years, engineers always seek for the best performance with less fuel consumption and increased range to meet with the high expectations of the owners. As far as general arrangement is concerned, private balcony in the owner cabins is a must these days, lifts to switch from deck to deck are also more demanded even on triple deck vessels.

Most of the yacht builders now provide owners with a sun area at the rear of the vessel on the lower deck at sea level; this area is called the “beach club”. This space used to be dedicated as a garage and usually accommodate tenders and water toys, in some cases the engines were also occupying a decent part of this space. Mangusta well understood the needs of the owners and fully dedicated this space to a relaxing sunbed area with closer access to the sea and to the water toys for maximum fun.

UHNW client marketing is very different to even luxury marketing. How do you communicate with this segment?

The products we are offering automatically put us in touch with the right clientele. In the first stance, we do focus on events attended by HNWIs within the industry: yacht shows are a good example (Dubai International Boat Show, Qatar Boat Show, Cannes Yachting Festival, Monaco Yacht Show).

In a second stance, we also do attend non-related events where HNWIs are likely to be invited: The Arabian Business Awards ceremony that we have sponsored in October this year is another opportunity to get in touch with HNWIs and show them what we do.