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Tue 5 Apr 2011 06:56 PM

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Libya is ‘not attack on Islam’ says British PM

Military action in Libya not motivated by oil, David Cameron tells Pakistan students

Libya is ‘not attack on Islam’ says British PM
British Prime Minister David Cameron said military action in Libya is not about oil

Prime Minister David Cameron said Tuesday that Nato-led military strikes in
Libya are not “an attack on Islam” and rejected comparisons with the 2003
invasion of Iraq.

premier told students in Pakistan the idea that action against the Gaddafi
regime had been motivated by western interests in Libya’s oil was “nonsense”,
the Press Association reported.

on his first visit to Pakistan as prime minister, said he understood some
people saw the UK’s intervention in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan as “some sort
of war against Islam.”

could be further from the truth," he told the audience. "I don't
think anyone can seriously argue that international action in Libya is an
attack on Islam… we have taken action to protect people - predominantly Muslim
people - from slaughter, just as we did in Kosovo over a decade ago.

will be no foreign invasion, and Arab nations like Qatar and the United Arab
Emirates are actively contributing to the no-fly zone.”

the west was targeting Libya’s oil on the pretense of curbing Gaddafi’s attacks
on civilians, military action would have concentrated on key towns, Cameron

argument that the West is acting because of oil is also nonsense,” PA quoted
him as saying.

this was the case, we could have let Gaddafi take Benghazi and Tobruk and the
oil would have continued to flow. Instead, we took the difficult decision to
stop Gaddafi.”

NATO warplanes have flown 851 sorties in the six days since
the alliance took command of all strikes. A US-led international force had been
bombing Libya since March 19.

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Ghazi Al Hind 9 years ago

Liar - Its for the oil and a attempt to to take control of the revolution.

Mick 9 years ago

Everything has to have a sinister, nefarious purpose if the west is involved, right?
It's people like you that are spoonfed into believing that. It's really too bad that other powers come in to assist people that can't help themselves from being gunned down without people like you claiming ulterior motives. Canada has the 5 times the oil reserves that Libya has and 3rd, globally, behind Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. You don't see anyone attacking them, right? Venezuela has a mad leader but he actually doesn't slaughter his own people. Maybe politically charged arrests but not genocide. Kosovo has no oil, so why did these countries go in to do the same thing that they are doing in Libya?? Because they were killing their own people and their sister countries did very little or could do very little to stop them. If you were the leader of a world power and had the resources to stop a country from committing atrocities, would you turn a blind eye away and allow it to continue?

gordon 9 years ago

well stated...

It is so much easier to put the blame on others to deflect weaknesses and criticisms of oneself.

It is time the Arab league stood up and defended the people that need defending instead of sitting on the fence, or taking active steps to prevent these atrocities.

Waj 9 years ago

Mick there are always 2 sides of every story....What about Bahrain and Yemen? The 5th fleet resides in Bahrain so no worries....and Yemen of course has not oil....so why interfere....Ivory Coast, cocoa exports?? Of course the governments need to give you a good reason to use the tax payers money....only where the ROI is good enough...and of course the tax payer gets nothing in return...