100 smartest people in the UAE
Tue 26 Sep 2017 12:04 AM
Elissa Freiha

Company: Womena

Designation: Co-founder

Country: UAE

Country of residence: United Arab Emirates

As an active business angel with over 28 investments between the US and MENA region, Elissa Freiha, co-founder of Dubai-based angel investment network, WOMENA, vests her interests in the entrepreneurial success of others. She is known for her active role in mentoring, which, combined with a passion for female empowerment, deal-making and problem solving, is an impactful mix for inspiring the start-ups she mentors.

Education is close to Elissa’s heart, having herself been inspired by her self-taught grandfather, who founded a successful publishing empire. Elissa’s process of educating and guiding female investors continues to play a significant role in the development of both the UAE economy and that of the wider region.