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Tue 26 Sep 2017 12:04 AM
Farah Chamma

Designation: Poet

Country: Palestine

Country of residence: Palestine

Throughout history, poetry has had a profound impact upon the decisions that societies make. The men and women who stand before their peers to declare publicly that what they see is wrong or beautiful or distressing or amazing are certainly not as proficient as they once were, nor are they as prevalent. Palestinian poet Farah Chamma, however, stands out because what she has to say is as important today as a poet would have been in the pre-Islamic era.

Her message is passionate, and is delivered in English, Arabic and French. She was 15 when she first performed, and that is also when she recognised the power the medium possessed. She knows the strength of language, and believes “the spoken word is the most powerful way for poetry to spread in our world today”.