100 smartest people in the UAE
Tue 26 Sep 2017 12:04 AM
Yusuff Ali MA

Company: Lulu Group International

Designation: Chairman

Country: India

Country of residence: India

Yusuff Ali MA is the person behind the retail giant that rakes in $6.2bn in revenue annually across operations in nine countries. Lulu Group was ranked by Deloitte as one of the top 50 fastest growing retailers in the world last year. In February, it opened its 133rd self-titled hypermarket, following rigorous growth across the GCC. Lulu Group’s vast expansion has seen it sign a memorandum of understanding with the Malaysian government, with the intention to build hypermarkets there, and also reveal plans for multiple hypermarkets in Indonesia.

While he is most well-known for his retail businesses, earlier this month Yusuff Ali MA received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for his Birmingham-based food processing plant’s role in boosting the UK’s position as an investor friendly destination.