100 smartest people in the UAE
Tue 26 Sep 2017 12:04 AM
Khalifa Ahmed Al Romaithi

Designation: Inventor

Country: UAE

Country of residence: United Arab Emirates

Emirati high school pupil Khalifa Al Romaithi risked the ire of his classmates by inventing a device to monitor tardiness. The teenager developed and installed an automatic attendance monitoring device that registers pupils and staff as they walk through the school gates. The system — comparable to the Salik electronic toll road system in Dubai — also sends text messages to parents the minute their children walk on or off school grounds and automatically prints ‘late’ and ‘leave-early’ slips for pupils in an effort to monitor timekeeping. It is called ‘eStudent’, and uses sensors above the school entrance to register student and staff ID cards.

The earnest Emirati reportedly dedicated his entire holiday to inventing the system, and told none of this fellow students about it until the start of term. His school funded the project — which reportedly cost about $5,500 to complete and is planned to be rolled out in all Emirates national schools.