50 Most Powerful Indians in the UAE 2017
Mon 02 Oct 2017 06:41 AM
Aswini Kumar Borkotoky

Aswini Kumar Borkotoky

Industry: Transport

Company: Carlease

Designation: Owner and managing director

Lightning has struck twice for Aswini K Borkotoky. He led the growth of Diamondlease from a fleet of less than 25 cars in 1996 to over 8,800 cars in 2008 and more than 650 employee. In the process he created one of the best known automotive brands in the UAE, the largest locally branded car leasing company in the UAE (at the time) and propagated the concept of car leasing in the UAE.

Since 2009 he has developed another one of the fastest and most dynamic independent car rental companies in the UAE, Carlease. As one of the fastest growing car companies, with annual growth rate averages of over 30 percent, Carlease prides itself on the professionals that serve its customers. It is a success story that is growing bigger by the day, driven relentlessly to hit new goals by Borkotoky, who was a naval cadet in India before studying at the Naval College of Engineering and then completing an MBA.

Borkotoky also organises eye treatments and supports children in his home state of Assam in India. And for this mix of business success and philanthropic efforts, he deserves a place on the Indian Power List.