40 and Under: the Most Influential Young Arabs in the Middle East
Mon 27 Nov 2017 06:07 AM
Ghosson Al Khaled

Industry: Construction and real estate

Company: ACICO Industries

Designation: Deputy CEO

Country: Kuwait

Age: 40

Country of residence: Kuwait

“One team, one dream” is Ghosson Al Khaled’s motto, and always has been ever since she joined ACICO Industries Company, the largest manufacturer of autoclaved aerated concrete in the Middle East, back in 2002. Now, as Deputy CEO, having worked her way up, she is dedicated to maintaining a diverse workforce of employees motivated by unity and a drive to achieve success. At the same time, she is busy directing the $1bn asset company that boasts a turnover of $300m, delivering inventive business strategies and client-focused solutions, as well as rapidly launching new products and services.

In September 2017, she was also appointed as a member of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development in Kuwait, a role that will see her contribute to the development of the nation and help it achieve its ambitious 2035 goals to enhance the country’s global presence.