40 and Under: the Most Influential Young Arabs in the Middle East
Mon 27 Nov 2017 06:07 AM
Khalid Alkhudair

Industry: Business and finance

Company: Glowork

Designation: Founder

Country: Saudi Arabia

Age: 30

Country of residence: Saudi Arabia

Before the female driving ban in Saudi was lifted, Khalid Alkhudair had reported there were up to 450,000 job opportunities in retail for women, but many could not afford to hire drivers to take them to work. In 2011, the clever entrepreneur left his job at auditor KPMG to set up Glowork, a company that focusses on solving female unemployment in the kingdom. Then, the idea of starting a recruitment firm for women there was fairly unthinkable. Yet Alkhudair has helped thousands find work, while far more have benefitted from access to the company’s advice and career fairs.