Indian Aces
Sun 28 Jan 2018 10:17 AM
Harish Kumar Lal Tahiliani

Industry: Food

Company: Arab & India Spices

Designation: Managing Director

Arab & India Spices LLC has established itself as a pioneer in the global agriculture trade, becoming one of the first millers that catered to the entire Middle East with a wide variety of high-quality pulses and ground spices. It also has its own market-leading brands, 777, Ameera and Nallari.

Spices and pulses are in the Tahiliani family DNA; the company was originally born in 1947 in India and it sustained successive generations until the 1980s when Tahiliani’s father decided to explore opportunities in the Gulf. In 1986, the company was re-branded as Arab & India Spices, and from a 400 sq-ft facility in Sharjah it focused on importing spices from India. In 1990, the company switched to its current base in Ajman and, in 2016, opened the Middle East’s largest food production facility, a 400,000 sq-ft factory costing AED350m to build.

Having been with the company since he was 22, Harish Tahiliani has witnessed this growth first-hand – and, as managing director, steered its most recent course. Today, it is one of the largest importers of raw pulses from most of the major producing countries, including Myanmar, Australia, Canada, USA, China, UK, and India.

One of the company’s major milestones was receiving its ISO 22000 certification, an international standard that defines requirements for a good safety management system covering all organisations in the food chain.

We have diversified our operations from milling and grinding to processing whole spices and packaging. We are always making investments to drive sustainable, long-term growth”