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Sun 28 Jan 2018 10:17 AM
Dr BR Shetty

Industry: Healthcare

Company: NMC Health

Designation: Founder and Chairman

One of the primary movers in shaping the healthcare landscape in the UAE, BR Shetty may have moved on from his role as CEO of NMC Healthcare, but he is still one of the most important figures in the local business community. Indeed, in his final year, NMC was able to announce a 38.6 percent rise in revenue to $1.22bn.

Under his stewardship, NMC became the UAE’s largest private healthcare provider and now has a presence of over 135 facilities across ten countries treating more than 8.5 million patients a year. NMC employs in excess of 2,000 doctors and was the first healthcare company from the GCC to list on the London Stock Exchange. Part of the FTSE100, its current market cap is almost $9.5bn.

Shetty arrived in the UAE in 1973 from his native Udupi in Karnataka and began a career as a serial entrepreneur, contributing to a wide variety of service-sector fields such as healthcare, financial services, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, education, distribution, infrastructure and hospitality.

His first venture in the financial sector was UAE Exchange, now one of the largest exchange houses in the world, and an enterprise where he remains managing director and CEO.

Dr Shetty also has a passion for education. He is the Honorary Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the largest community school in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Indian School. He owns and operates a number of other schools including BrightRiders School, Deira Private School, Al Gharbia School, International Community Kindergarten and Sara Nursery.

"The satisfaction of surmounting a difficult challenge is always the most fulfilling”