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Sun 28 Jan 2018 10:17 AM
Ashish Mehta

Industry: Law

Company: Ashish Mehta & Associates

Designation: Founder and Managing Partner

An international attorney, currently practicing from offices in Dubai, India and Singapore, Ashish Mehta is licensed to practice law in the UAE, including before the Courts of Dubai International Financial Centre, the UK, India and Singapore.

His law practice includes some of the largest ongoing projects in the Middle East, India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. He has worked with international and commercial legal procedures providing analysis and counselling on complex legal documents and policies. Clients have come from across the world, giving him a great working relationship with all cultures and ensuring he has obtained a vast knowledge of international transactions.

Mehta has written columns on politics and current affairs. He is a Fellow at the Indian Council of Arbitrators, New Delhi, and an accredited Arbitrator on the panel of the Indian Council of Arbitrators. As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, his firm renders pro bono legal services to Indians residing in the UAE through the offices of the Indian Workers Resource Centre (IWRC) in Dubai.