Indian Aces
Sun 28 Jan 2018 10:17 AM
Prasad Galla

Industry: Construction

Company: RGI

Designation: Managing Director

Under Prasad Galla’s leadership, RGI – which was once primarily involved in small- and medium-sized infrastructure contracts in India – has become one of the Middle East’s premier turnkey contracting companies, primarily for industrial projects. The company has also diversified away from traditional contracting and is now involved in steel buildings, the electromechanical field, firefighting and refrigeration.

Over the course of the last three years, the company has witnessed significant expansion, and has become a dominant force in the industry as it builds manufacturing plants, cold storage units and distribution centres across the UAE. With offices in Dubai and Sharjah and another one soon to be inaugurated in Abu Dhabi, the company today employees nearly 1,000 people for its various engineering projects and industrial verticals.

Additionally, the company has expanded to include six independent clusters to handle its business interests in the region. Aside from steel building and civil construction in the low rise and industrial segments, these clusters include firefighting systems and service specialists, industrial grade flooring contracting, industrial refrigeration, facilities maintenance, industrial products, logistics and shipping.

Looking to the future, Galla has established a “2020 vision” for the company, with bold plans to expand operations in Oman, Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States.