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Sun 28 Jan 2018 10:17 AM
Zulekha Daud

Industry: Healthcare

Company: Zulekha Healthcare Group

Designation: Founder and Chairperson

First arriving in the UAE in the early 1960s, Dr Zulekha Daud began her medical career working in rudimentary facilities in a country that, at the time, still had no hospitals. Setting up her clinic in 1964, Dr Daud later opened Zulekha Hospital in Sharjah in 1992, followed by the establishment of a second hospital in Dubai in 2005.

As well as running hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah, Zulekha also oversees a number of medical centres and pharmacies across the UAE. In December 2016, the group announced its first foray into the overseas market through the $43.6 million Alexis Multi-Specialty Hospital in Nagpur.

Dr Daud is also well-known for her support for CSR initiatives, which have included education and vocational training programmes for women, clean drinking water initiatives, and public health awareness campaigns such as the “smear, don’t fear” cervical cancer awareness campaign and the “Pink it Now” breast cancer campaign.

I was determined to give residents a healthcare facility that is easily accessible and affordable like in their own home country”