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Tue 27 Feb 2018 12:46 PM
Xpandretail powered by Sávant

Headquarters Dubai

Year established 2000

Sector Customer analytics

XpandRetail has grown to become one of the leaders in the Middle East and South East Asia in the delivery of cutting-edge customer analytic tools and systems and business intelligence software. It is headed by Vic Bageria, chief visionary officer, Rajiv Prasad, chief innovation catalyst, and Ranjeewa Dias, business technology manager, who have harnessed the power of cloud computing to offer big data and advanced analytics systems to help retailers gain better visibility into individual customer purchase patterns.

The market coverage Xpandretail powered by Sàvant extends to 40 countries across the Middle East, the Asia Pacific region, and India. The company now boasts in excess of 500 customers who are using Xpand analytics software to harness data from shopfloors, suppliers, employees and logistics networks to assist in increasing same-store sales, enhancing customer experience and eliminating unnecessary costs.

The solution

Xpandretail powered by Sàvant provides customised solutions enabling retailers to make proactive decisions, while helping them with a stronger perspective on ROI and improved profitability. We measure our success through our ability to enable our clients to accomplish their corporate objectives and achieve their growth targets.

In the region, they have provided business intelligence and solutions provider for retail businesses including malls, banks and tourist attractions. It recently authoured the Dubai Retail Overview 2017 report that detailed the city’s retail growth but highlighted areas of new development.

They have also recently rolled out a new hands-free RFIDs for real-time inventory management. The company’s ceiling mounted, patented RFID readers collects data with 100 percent accuracy – without the need for manual merchandise counts using traditional inventory crews.