Mon 30 Apr 2018 11:29 AM
Desert Group

Headquarters Dubai

Sector Diversified

Desert Group is a company that has been designing, building and managing landscapes across the UAE – and delivering a range of services centred around water, green and sustainability – since 1988. The company’s mission to help transform an arid desert into a place of lush, green vistas through the latest agricultural technologies and innovative design has created a range of distinctive features in beach resorts, upscale hotels, rooftop hang-outs, residential communities and several of the Dubai’s leading golf courses.

Under the Group’s umbrella, Desert Landscape is the region’s leading landscape company and has injected both colour and life into private, public and commercial spaces of the UAE. Among its most prominent clients are Etihad Museum, Al Maktoum Airport in Jebel Ali and Zabeel Palace Garden.

Desert Turf, meanwhile, offers maintenance of parklands, sports fields and gardens, which can be seen in some of the UAE’s leading hotels, including Atlantis, the Jumeirah Groups’ Madinat Jumeirah properties and the One & Only.

The company also owns a number of prominent sub-brands such as Dubai Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, which has itself become a notable landmark.

Desert Group is piloted by Michael Mascarenhas, who took charge of the company in 2012. The turnaround and growth specialist has continued to drive it forward with clear purpose and today it employs more than 3,750 people. The Group has also become known as one of the most integrated work inclusion programmes for people with learning, development and cognitive disabilities in the world.

With clear insight and hard-won experience of the UAE business landscape, he is able to see through internal and external complexities, create innovation and thus drive value.

“Desert Group is a pioneer in the landscaping business,” says Mascarenhas. “We have transformed Desert Group into a truly horticultural and waterscape company. Our aspirations are global and this is only the beginning!”