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Mon 28 May 2018 05:57 AM
Hamid Kerayechian

Company: Ayana Holding

Designation: CEO and founding partner

Hamid Kerayechian is the CEO and founding partner of Ayana Holding, a prominent international organisation headquartered in the UAE that encompasses a diverse range of businesses across real estate investment and development, design, construction, marketing, strategy, technology, IT and infrastructure, asset management, procurement, hospitality advisory and general trading.

Kerayechian has full responsibility for executing the strategic direction and operations for Ayana Holding’s wide-ranging portfolio of companies, which includes Nioum, Opaal Interiors, ALT Technologies, Detay, Clavis Aurea, Detay Living, Houm, Siren, Wrkbay, Brand Capital and VX.

With a strong desire to continually rise to new challenges, Kerayechian’s vision is for Ayana Holding to become an internationally renowned player in the real estate industry, with a goal to have a collection of 50 thriving partner companies by 2020.

Kerayechian relocated from southern California to Dubai in 2008 and over the course of his career has served with some of the world’s most influential organisations. With over 17 years of robust experience in the luxury development space and a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, he is inspired by an innate sense of boldness, integrity and resourcefulness. He prides himself on managing teams of highly motivated professionals, who play a fundamental role in the delivery of the quality projects and companies that comprise Ayana Holding.

Kerayechian believes that the quality and veracity of each project is enriched by explorative and open collaborations with all stakeholders. He says: “Collective creativity enhances each endeavour, resulting in strong and distinctive solutions. Our inventive methods drive global brands to partner with us, cultivating and refining ideas for ambitious environments of all kinds.”

Hamid graduated from the University of South California with a Masters in Engineering.