100 Most Powerful Arabs 2018
Wed 27 Jun 2018 09:18 AM
Fadi Jawad

Company: Eurotech

Designation: CEO

Fadi Jawad is considered one of the leading pioneers in the field of human resource development and a founder of the training industry in the Arab world. He is the founder of Eurotech, which is the largest training institution in the region and, since 1998, has trained more than 65,000 employees in various sectors and job levels.

Jawad has achieved prominence in the Arab world’s training industry by urging institutions to develop their human resources and encouraging them to increase their budgets in this key area.

He has proven the feasibility of this approach by introducing effective return measurement criteria on training and human resources investment. Through the development and introduction of training technologies, he has helped drive operational performance and enhance personal skills, and his individual performance standards have helped increase productivity by ten percent.

Jawad has applied a modern scientific approach to the training industry in the Arab world. He has upgraded and developed curricula, material and technologies, and contributed to the introduction of a new generation of efficient trainers who are capable of conducting innovative workshops; he has upraised training from a classroom approach to a world of interaction with an expertise-exchange approach.

His objectives are embodied in the upgrading of Arab job performance to attain targeted development and enable communities in the region to overcome poor job performance.

Jawad has contributed to the growth, diversification and development of the training sector in the Arab world, during the course of which Eurotech
has become the largest private sector institution specialised in training and qualification of human resources in the entire region.

Jawad has won innumerable awards over the years, including a Human Development and Innovation Award from Kuwait (2009), The Best Training Institution Award for Human Resources Development from Arabian Business (2013), the Golden Medal for Quality & Service Award from World Marketing Organistion (2014), Best Quality Leadership Award from the European Society for Quality Research (2014), World Leader Business Person from the World Confederation of Business (2014), and the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award (2016).