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Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:20 PM
Faris Saeed

Company: Diamond Developers

Designation: CEO and Co-Founder

Faris Saeed is the CEO and co-founder of Diamond Developers, a position from which he has been a driving force in pioneering sustainable real estate developments in the region.

Since establishing the company in 2003, Saeed has led Diamond Developers in the conceptualisation and delivery of an impressive portfolio of premium developments, which have since become landmarks of the city. Diamond Developers was one of the first companies in Dubai to enter the freehold property and real estate development industry when the emirate introduced freehold property ownership in 2002.

"Our prices will be comparable to market, but the cost of running the building will be cheaper over the long run”

The fact Saeed created the first Sustainable City is enough to recognise him as one of the country’s most insightful businessmen. This considerable achievement in sustainable innovation was voted as the happiest community in the Gulf.

Construction on the $354m Sustainable City began in 2013 and today it is surrounded by a 30-metre-wide green buffer zone of 2,500 trees, which Saeed says reduces air and noise pollution. The first phase includes 11 biodome greenhouses running the length of the central green spine, 3,000sqm of urban farming and a 15,000sqm mixed-use area including offices and retail. Today, the project comprises 500 homes with solar roof panels and 100 percent recycled sewage system. The community also boasts an electric bus service and a 3,000 square metre organic farm.

Originally a civil engineer, Jordan-born Seed started a maintenance and interior design company in Dubai in 1995 before moving into development in 1999 in what has proved to be an undeniably beneficial move. While his firm has built a number of projects in the city, including the set of six Marina Diamond buildings in Dubai Marina and Diamond Views in Jumeirah Village Circle, its most recognised project is The Sustainable City.