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Tue 16 Oct 2018 06:52 AM
Caspar Herzberg

Company: Schneider Electric

Designation: President Middle East and Africa

Caspar Herzberg has a long history with the Middle East region. The former German army officer grew up in Egypt and became fluent in Arabic (as well as German, English and French). Today, his strongest tie to the region is his leadership role at Schneider Electric’s Middle East and Africa operations, with over 10,000 employees, 18 manufacturing and distribution units and offices in 70 countries throughout the region. Herzberg is also the author of ‘Smart Cities, Digital Nations’ published in 2017, and a global thought leader on Smart Cities, Internet of Things and Public-Private Partnerships.

Herzberg says the Middle East and North Africa, and particularly the GCC, is spearheading the $2.6bn global Smart Cities market. Regional governments are focusing on the power of the Internet of Things to enhance energy and infrastructure development, drive innovation, and meet the needs of their citizens. Herzberg had previously worked at Cisco.