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Tue 16 Oct 2018 06:52 AM
Faisal Al Bannai

Company: Darkmatter

Designation: Founder and Managing Director

Faisal Al Bannai’s vision was to build an organisation that would provide end-to-end cyber security solutions and shape the future of the industry; aspirations that he was able to realise in just a few short years.

Al Bannai founded DarkMatter Group in the UAE in 2014 and served as CEO until 2018, during which the company grew into a $400m revenue business with more than 600 employees and branches in three countries. As managing director, Al Bannai now oversees DarkMatter Group’s strategic direction and is responsible for the group’s long-term growth, as well as its research and development initiatives. He also plays a vital role in the continued development of key relationships with leaders in public and private sectors.

Prior to establishing DarkMatter, Al Bannai founded Axiom Telecom in 1997. The company is a leader in wireless technology and mobility devices, distributing 40 percent of all devices in the Middle East and achieving annual turnover of over $2bn.