Gitex Stars
Tue 16 Oct 2018 06:52 AM
Vic Bageria

Company: Xpandretail (Powered By Savant Data Systems)

Designation: Chief Visionary Officer

Vic Bageria is an award-winning entrepreneur and visionary who has mastered the intersection of technology, consumer marketing, customer behaviour and in store insights. As the founder and CEO of Sávant Data Systems, a retail solutions and services provider focused on empowering businesses with progressive technology solutions across five continents and 36 countries, Bageria is an expert in people counting and in-store analytics that improve operational efficiency and overall profitability.

An IT professional by education, he is rooted in retail, with his prowess in business building strategies being a result of growing up in a family that owned retail businesses in the UAE.

Bagueria has also been a keynote speaker at major retail forums and events across the region, as well as an angel investor and advisor outside of Sávant Data System, supporting and empowering startups.