Gitex Stars
Tue 16 Oct 2018 06:52 AM
Jacky Panjabi

Company: Jacky’s Group

Designation: CEO

Despite launching his first business half a century ago, Jacky Panjabi operates with the same energy and involvement he’s had since day one of its establishment. Panjabi’s rich business history started in 1970 when he began a fledgling mail order business for TVs and typewriters. Decades later he runs a $550m dollar consumer electronics giant, with presence across the Middle East and Africa.

Panjabi’s first trip to Dubai came in 1985. Using the connections made during the two-night stay, he set up his first office in Nasser Square, establishing Jacky’s Electronics. That business today has evolved into Jacky’s Group of Companies.

One of the group’s most recent ventures has been its partnership with Samsung. Owing to its dominant position, particularly in the smartphone and TV segments, Jacky’s Group launched Jacky’s Retail in 2013 to manage and operate Samsung branded shops across the UAE.