40 and Under: the Region's Most Influential Young Business Leaders
Tue 30 Oct 2018 06:25 AM
Salman Salman Al Suhaibaney

Industry: Transport

Company: Morni

Designation: CEO

Country: Saudi Arabia

Age: 32

Salman Al Suhaibaney was stuck on the side of the highway with a flat tyre and few options for help when he came up with the idea for Morni. Four years later, his smartphone app is delivering roadside assistance throughout Saudi Arabia and other parts of the GCC. Morni provides a variety of roadside services to drivers in distress. All a driver needs to do is select their required service and Morni will find the closest service provider among its 6,000 strong network, in the shortest time at fair prices. Morni has been downloaded over 600,000 times and has served tens of thousands of drivers.