40 and Under: the Region's Most Influential Young Business Leaders
Tue 30 Oct 2018 06:25 AM
Hamid Kerayechian

Industry: Diversified

Company: Ayana Holding

Designation: CEO and Founding Partner

Country: USA

Age: 39

A quick­­­ thinking, hyper-successful CEO with several companies on the move and more in the pipeline, Hamid Kerayechian, CEO and founding partner of Ayana Holding is a savvy businessman who develops radical new tactics with a visionary’s confidence, all while keeping competition at bay.

Along with chairman and co-founder Abdulla Lahej, they have turned Ayana Holding into an internationally recognised organisation with group of market-leading businesses and investments across real estate development, architectural design and master planning, interior design, fit-out and furnishing, marketing, sales strategy, IT security and infrastructure, hospitality management, procurement, asset management, technology and startups.

Kerayechian has full responsibility for executing the strategic direction and ongoing operations for Ayana Holding’s wide-ranging portfolio of companies which include VX Studio, Opaal Interiors, Detay Living, ALT Technology, Brand Capital, Houm, Nioum, Performaa, Wkrbay, Retail Boutique, Aquila Hospitality, Siren Digital, Ayana Properties and Manya Decor.

In such a short period of time, the company has reached diverse markets, with ongoing projects in not only the Middle East, but the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. Kerayechian’s mission is to continue building a network of powerful companies on a global level and for Ayana Holding to become the most recognisable brand across real estate, an industry he’s extremely passionate about.

Receiving his Master’s in Engineering from the University of South California, Kerayechian relocated to Dubai in 2008 and over the course of his career, has served with some of the world’s most influential organisations.

Kerayechian’s work and leadership has been recognised with several awards, including him being awarded as one of Dubai’s Most Influential People, one of the Most Inspiring Leaders in the Middle East both by Arabian Business magazine, one of the Most Admired Leaders of Asia and as Young CEO of the Year by CEO Middle East magazine.

Additionally, Kerayechian is regularly featured in highly acclaimed publications, sharing his insight and experience regarding architectural design, master planning, developer-led design, real estate development and investment. To say Kerayechian is highly respected in his field would be an understatement. He knows what he’s looking for and has built a solid reputation for incubating new business models.

His initiatives and market insights are widely admired by peers, his opinions and expertise are highly sought after.

As the leader of not only one company but many, Kerayechian believes personal dedication, passion and commitment to all of his projects are of utmost importance. “The most imperative policy for driving a company forward is the vision you must have for the future. It’s vital to commit oneself and have the passion to carry out what you set out to do.”

With contagious enthusiasm and passionate belief in his employees, Kerayechian inspires his staff to become stronger and more valuable contributors to his organisation. He emphasises that the successful future of the group is fundamentally about its people.

“Good leaders focus on the bigger picture. In a leadership role, it’s important to manage people in a way that brings out the best in them. Aligning my team towards a unified goal and allowing them take ownership of their role in the company is how I empower my employees.”

“I’m not linear in the way I run my business, I think outside the box and I believe this has contributed to my success. Overall, as Ayana Holding continues to flourish as an organisation, I see myself as the captain of a fast-moving ship that’s heading in the right direction.”