Stars of 2018
Sat 22 Dec 2018 10:25 PM
Badr Jafar

Industry: Diversified

Company: Crescent Enterprises

Designation: CEO

Ports and logistics, power and engineering, venture capital, food and beverage, business aviation, healthcare – you name it, Badr Jafar has had a hand in it. He is the force behind UAE-based diversified global conglomerate Crescent Enterprises, which employs over 4,500 people in 20 countries across five continents. It operates under four verticals including CE-Operates, CE-Invests, CE-Ventures, and CE-Creates, an internal start-up incubator which has led to 14 concepts including a high-tech line of clothing that uses sensors to monitor the health of blue-collar workers. As for the incubator, it develops early-stage concepts into economically viable and saleable businesses. Other ventures include Kava & Chai, a coffeehouse brand that will “take Starbucks by storm” and project “Arab culture and traditions surrounding tea and coffee in a positive way,” according to Jafar.

While there are currently four Kava & Chai outlets in the UAE, the brand will soon expand into the UK and US markets. Jafar is also the president of Crescent Petroleum, chairman of Gas Cities and chairman of Pearl Petroleum. In 2010, he also founded the Pearl Initiative, a non-profit venture in cooperation with the UN Office for Partnerships, to promote transparency within corporations across the Gulf. In May 2018, Badr Jafar joined the Giving Pledge initiated by Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet.