The 30 Most Influential Women in the Arab World 2019
Thu 28 Feb 2019 05:00 AM
Beatrice Cornacchia

Company: Mastercard

Designation: SVP Marketing and communications, MEA

Country: UAE

Beatrice Cornacchia is Mastercard’s head of marketing and communication for the Middle East and Africa and the creative force leading the company’s brand strategy across the region’s 69 markets.

As a Mastercard veteran of more than 28 years, Cornacchia has closely witnessed the evolution of the Mastercard brand over the last three decades. After starting her journey with the company in 1991, Cornacchia went on to head strategic sales functions and numerous marketing teams in a succession of key roles including head of consumer marketing, Europe; head of issuer and merchant marketing, Europe; and head of marketing, Italy and Greece.

Cornacchia’s strategy for brand engagement in the Middle East and Africa hinges on her ability to provide local context and significance to Mastercard’s two decade-old marketing campaign, Priceless. Her knowledge of Mastercard’s brand architecture, combined with her fresh perspective on local market dynamics, creates a winning combination that differentiates the company’s marketing performance in the region.

Having closely witnessed the progression of Priceless from storytelling to storymaking and now story-inspiring, Cornacchia believes that the age of impact has shaped the changing needs of consumers who now see themselves as content enablers eager to create their own stories. In keeping with the evolution of Mastercard’s global approach to marketing and communications, Cornacchia has her eyes set on leveraging the underlying concept of Priceless – the deep emotional connection that fills people’s life with meaning and purpose – to empower Mastercard’s consumers in the region with ‘priceless possiblities’.