The 30 Most Influential Women in the Arab World 2019
Thu 28 Feb 2019 05:00 AM
Zainab Mohammed

Company: wasl Asset Management Group

Designation: Chief Property Management and Marketing Officer

Country: UAE

Zainab Mohammed plays a critical role in managing the real estate portfolio of Dubai’s biggest landlord, wasl, which was established in 2008 by the Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC) to oversee the management of its assets and grow its real estate portfolio.

She has built a reputation as a driving force behind the city’s real estate sector. In a career now spanning more than 15 years, she has been responsible for constantly seeking new opportunities, pursuing them to their fullest and driving strong growth – and, as a result, has become a highly respected and influential presence in Dubai’s growing property sector. She is currently the Chief Property Management and Marketing Officer at wasl properties.

In her role, she leads more than 100 employees in eight major divisions that covers sales and marketing, customer service, legal and collection, tenant management and support and operations. She is also responsible for overseeing the operations of the wasl Call Centre and wasl Owners’ Association Management. Her responsibilities extend to strategic planning, business development, capital raising, and structuring and identifying new growth opportunities for wasl properties.