World’s Most Powerful Arabs 2019

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Zayed Hussein Al Baddad

Zayed Hussein Al Baddad


ALBADDAD Capital Group, ALBADDAD Real Estate Group, ALBADDAD Holding Group, ALBADDAD Manasik Holding


Founding partner

Zayed Al Baddad has more than a quarter of a century of experience, having held senior leadership positions across a number of sectors, including management, investment project development and company restructuring.

He currently holds several senior executive positions, including CEO and partner of Albaddad Capital Group, vice chairman of Albaddad Manasik Holding and CEO of Albaddad Holding Group, based in Jordan. In addition, he is chairman of Zayed Albaddad Holding and Investment. 

Born in Abu Dhabi in 1973, but holding Jordanian nationality, he has been the driving force behind the global expansion of these entities.

Albaddad Group was founded in 1971 by the late founder Haj Hussein Al Baddad, but Zayed and his brother, Dr Fatin Al Baddad, have undertaken a major transformation of the company.

In 1991, they established a division focused on industrial and commercial solutions, quickly expanding into more than 46 countries. In 2003, they launched Albaddad Capital, which was the first group in the MENA region to provide a broad range of modern accommodation solutions, including mobile and temporary buildings and relief units.

In mid-2016, Albaddad Capital witnessed major changes, doubling the efficiency of its warehousing capacity and recording growth of around 300 percent.

Last year, the company set a new record by renting 3.69 million square metres worth of movable halls and tents.

Albaddad Capital today has the largest range of mobile halls in the world. It currently has 462 models in its product portfolio, including smart halls, double decker tents and tents which have been engineered to be built into fixed structures and can last up to 25 years without requiring any maintenance.

In 2017, Zayed Al Baddad and his brother Fateen launched Albaddad Manasik, a world-class brand providing prefabricated buildings and movable halls for Hajj and other pilgrimage campaigns. 

The company today owns a dedicated warehouse for Hajj projects, with the capacity to supply 1,300,000 sq m worth of movable halls and more than a whopping 15,000 central air conditioning units.

Some of Zayed Al Baddad’s other companies include Zayed Albaddad Investments, Zayed Albaddad Tourism Investments as well as  property firm Zayed Albaddad Real Estate. 

He also oversees all the activities of Albaddad Charity Association, which includes the construction of a number of mosques, the establishment of educational schools and orphanages, in addition to the provision of education to low-income students.