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Tue 8 Apr 2014 10:17 AM

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London police launch attempted murder case into hammer attack on Emirati women

One of the three victims remains in a coma with severe head injuries at a hospital, as police launch a nationwide manhunt

London police launch attempted murder case into hammer attack on Emirati women

London police are treating the attack on three female Emirati tourists at a London hotel, which left one victim in a coma with serious head injuries, as an attempted murder investigation, officers have confirmed.

The three women were visiting the English capital, along with three children aged between 7-12 years, when they were attacked by an intruder with a hammer in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The women suffered serious head injuries with one of them said to be fighting for her life after the assault in a room at the four-star Cumberland Hotel.

“Victim One remains in a critical but stable condition at a central London hospital. Victim Two and Victim Three both sustained serious injuries but their conditions are not life-threatening. The children were unharmed during the incident,” the London Metropolitan Police said in a statement, while officers confirmed to Arabian Business the investigation was being treated as attempted murder.

Detective Superintendent Carl Mehta of Homicide and Major Crime Command (HMCC), said: “This is an exceptionally unusual and rare incident to have taken place in a busy London hotel and we are currently working around the clock to identify and secure CCTV as well as forensic evidence opportunities.

"At this early stage in the investigation we believe the motive for this attack to be theft. However, we retain an open mind.

"We also understand hotel room security was not breached and the door to the family’s room was unlocked at the time of the incident. We are working closely with the family and the hotel to explore this further.”

Scotland Yard has launched a nationwide manhunt to trace the attacker, who was not a guest at the hotel.

Detectives have begun questioning staff and other guests.

Police confirmed on Tuesday they have so far not made any arrests as part of the investigation.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said it is closely following up the circumstances surrounding the attack.

Rashid Al Dhahiri, director of citizens affairs at the MoFA, said that the competent authorities at the MoFA were following up the incident in conjunction with the UAE Embassy in London to establish causes of the attack, the WAM news agency said. He added the authorities are also following up the health conditions of three sisters in hospital.

Al Dhahiri said the UAE Embassy in London is following up the case with the security authorities, adding that the Metropolitan Police are investigating the incident, whose initial evidence shows the aim was theft.

The MoFA warns the citizens about such gangs who target them and their belongings, adding that it continuously reviews travel destinations to specify sensitive areas and extent of risk so as to keep the citizens updated.

Peres 5 years ago

UK is increasingly becoming an undesired location from many aspects. Doomed economy, unfavorable EU restrictions, racism, outdated tourist attraction, increasing cost of living, costly education etc. It has so far survived because the people there talk good and claim to be the pioneers of best practices, though the reality is far from that and there aren't substantial ground supporting those claims. Looking at the repatriation level of foreigners, I think reality is now gradually exposed.

Ystrad Paul 5 years ago

Thank you Peres. You from a perfect place? What's with the uk criticism?

Peres 5 years ago

@Ystrad Paul Calm down, it was just an analysis of the course UK is heading towards. I may not be from a perfect country also, but then my country don't pretend to be perfect either

Isaac 5 years ago

Peres, very disappointing that anyone would even think of using such a terrible and tragic incident as a vehicle to promote their own ill informed opinions.

My thoughts are with the three victims of this vicious attack , and also with their close and extended families who must be distraught and going through hell at the moment. I wish them all a speedy and full recovery followed by a safe trip home.

I notice you dont even mention them during your rant.

Peres 5 years ago

Isaac, my heart goes with the victims and their families; and it was because of this feeling I tried to highlight other directly/ indirectly connected issues and circumstances that have developed over the last few years, which are definitely not favorable to UK. I can tell you that I have some admiration towards UK for its rich culture and open society, however, things are worsening and that disturbs me more. Some of the issues indeed need to be sorted out before they get out of the control. And for that, actions are required, rather than mere talking. Hopefully I conveyed the message this time. I might not have chosen the right words to describe my feelings, and I do apologize for hurting any sentiments.

Sak 5 years ago

i agree with Peres, all you have to do is read on website about what's going on in UK. People getting robbed, killed, animals being tortured, people fighting in streets etc. It's becoming 2nd india.