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Mon 24 Oct 2011 12:18 PM

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Man denies threatening to blow up Burj Khalifa

Policeman tells court man threatened to bomb superscraper unless he received $1m 

Man denies threatening to blow up Burj Khalifa
Emirati men walk by the Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest tower

Indian man has denied sending a text message to a policeman threatening to blow
up the Burj Khalifa unless he was paid $1m, a Dubai court has heard.

38-year-old Indian, known as JF, on Sunday denied sending a message that read
“tomorrow Burj Khalifa blast arrange no arrange 1,000,000 dollar take”, local
media reported.

Ahmad Juma Mohammed told the Dubai Court of First Instance that he received the
text message at around 4pm on February 2.

“What I
understood from the SMS was that there was a threat that Burj Khalifa would be
blown up if or if not $1m was paid,” he told the court.

I immediately reported the matter to Dubai Police's Operation Room and
forwarded the SMS to them,” he said.

35-year old Pakistani bartender told the court that the accused had admitted
trying to set his friend up.  “He was boasting to me that he is a big
businessman and he can put anyone in jail while pointing at Chaudary, who was
standing away from us, he then told me that he sent a text message from
Chaudary's phone that landed him immediately in jail and he can put him back
there again,” he said.

“I told
Chaudary what was said by JF, and he took action.”

court adjourned the case until November 27.

We Are The People 8 years ago

The guy is an idiot. Dubai court should make an example out of him, you really do not want copycats to start a wave of false threats.