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Mon 3 Aug 2015 10:52 AM

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Marie Claire article concerning Muslim women receives backlash online

Magazine published an article regarding Muslim women’s fashion stereotypes

Marie Claire article concerning Muslim women receives backlash online
(Getty Images)

An article in
Marie Claire magazine about Muslim women has come in for criticism online and
on social media platforms.

The article,
titled “10 Muslim women shatter stereotypes by showing off their style” and
written by Muslim writer Zara Husaini, said it aimed to show that “there is no
singular look when it comes to Muslim women’s style – despite what the Western
world may think.”

It listed women
who wear the traditional religious headscarf, hijab, and those who dress less

In the piece,
Husaini adds that while some women of the faith cover their heads, many others choose
not to.

This was
rebuked by readers on social media and other websites, with a reader commenting
that “The wearing of hijab is a divine dictate and not cultural or a matter of
one's opinion. While these ladies may be Muslim, some are definitely outside of
Muslim style and fit more on the category of 'everyday' non-Muslim person.”

A website,
Muslim Matters, dedicated to Muslims’ issues in the West, stated, “What does
being “well-dressed” have to do with shattering the stereotype of the oppressed
Muslim woman? Are these notions of oppression and a lack of agency being oddly
conflated with Muslim women observing a “traditional” or “conservative” Islamic
dress code, or lack thereof?”

According to
some interpretations from lines in the Holy book of Islam, the Quran, Muslim
women are required to cover their hair and neck, using a headscarf, in order to
preserve their modesty.

Husaini is a
guest contributor for Marie Claire and has written for countless publications
including the Huffington Post.